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Scarlett | 21:17 Tue 05th Feb 2008 | Body & Soul
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Worried about my bunion (see earlier post) I have decided I need to get some really well-fitting shoes. I currently wear flat DMs like sandals, but they are actually too big. I thought bunions were caused by too tight shoes, but who knows? Is it possible to go into a shoe shop nowadays and ask to have your feet measured? Do they still do that? Or does everywhere expect you to buy "off the rack"?


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I have slightly wider than average feet. I choose shoes carefully because if they are too narrow not only is it uncomfortable generally but I too have bunions (amazing how many people think they are funny!).

I never wear plastic shoes, never buy unless I have walked around the shop a couple of times in them, and funnily enough the only time I had my feet measured for shoes I relied too much on the measurement and not comfort and threw them because they pinched!

Try Clarks, they will measure. But I just take my time, choose shoes that make my feet look smaller, less buniony, and feel like they 'are the ones'. Careful shopping means my bunions, a family trait, have become no worse over the years and very rarely cause me pain.
Hey Scarlett,

Bunions can be caused very early on in life, my mother and grandmother both have them. I was forced into Clarke's shoes as a child - whilst everyone else was in platforms! - though I have to say I now have lovely feet and no signs of bunions.

For further info have a look at this: =68&d=96&h=24&f=46

BB xx
I`VE TRIED SHOES OF ALL MAKES & PRICES & HAVE FOUND THE ONLY TYPE I CAN WEAR FOR any length of time are cavas ones. I do wear a lot of jeans, so they`re not seen very often.
I found some footglove ones in M&S for my mum who has foot problems, meant to be really comfy. Don't know if you can get measured though but I think they still do half sizes as well.

Clarkes are probably best for measuring.

I find Sketchers shoes really comfy, my other half wears those as he has special insoles.

I'd avoid somewhere like DP as I find their shoes never fit right and are very uncomfortable.

Maybe try somewhere like Evans as their shoes are quite well made for the curvier lady, I got some fab boots from there.

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