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Eurox | 20:09 Tue 05th Feb 2008 | Body & Soul
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I'm half way through my first year at Uni at Aberystwyth, me and 4 other guys have found a house we like for next year but they want a months rent in advance, but due to having problems with my car I can't afford it straight away. Is there anything I can do? Oh and I've practically used up all my overdraft :) cheers


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what do you mean, is there anything you can do?
you could borrow money, steal money, ask the landlord if he will hold it till you can pay, sell something, do some work for money. I'm quite surprised that someone who is at university can't work this out for themseelves though!
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Well I am doing physics, not business, so I don't really know what the terms are. I have been given a job but havn't started it yet, and we have asked them to hold the house but they said no because other people want to view it. I have nothing to sell... and am not selling car because that is vital to get up the hill, i live with other students and they just about have enough money for themselves let alone for me aswell. Can you see where I'm coming from?
yes, but i also dont have a degree in business. Unless you get some money, there is nothing you can do is there -its just common sense really!
you might be able to get some more help from Citizens Advice Bureau or the Student Housing dept at your uni. What about mum and dad? could they chip in? xx
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Mum doesnt work, shes on disability allowance and my dad... pfft... well hes got a new family and once i asked for a car for my birthday and he got me a little model one.. n that was it. He thinks im too old for "pocket money" so no chance
Than you will either have to sell some other belongngs, ask for a loan off a friend or relative or leave it altogether.

write down a list of viable options, it doesnt hurt to ask the uni for help either.
Perhaps your dad thought it was a bit cheeky asking for a car. Most people don't get cars given to them, they have to work, earn and save for them. Still, ask him again and tell him how desperate your situation is.
Maybe you could increase your overdraft?
Hey Eurox,

Going and speak to your student advice centre or your accommodation office. They should be able to help you. Check your accommodation office website.

Surely it's a bit early to be paying a deposit on a house for the next academic year?

BB xx
Hey Eurox,

Found it for you, accommodation office for your uni: tion/private.shtml

Hopefully you will get some help from them.

BB xx
its does seem very very early to look for a new house for next year - i always used to do it about 4 weeks before i wanted to move in... the really organised would do it at the end of term and see if the landlord would hold the place for them till after the summer.

anyways - first off go to the bank and look organised, explain the situation to their student adviser (all the high street banks have on these days) and tell them how much extra you need, how much you can earn for your part time job and how long you will need the extended over draft for e.g. they can reduce your overdraft again in say 6 months if they want to. This will usually work wonders - when i was a student i was constantly having to go extended the overdraft and generally they are really keen to give you more and more debt.

Also a lot of student bank accounts offer credit cards with little interest charged on them. you could use this for a short while - though i think the maximum limit is something like 500 pounds.

Uni's still over things like hardship loans or grants if you make a good case and are really deserving - if its a loan they will usually be more easy to convince.

Pop down in the bottom of the students union and ask them about their hardship loans and see what they can do for you, an extension to your overdraft is also possible as said above.

Probably see the Welfare Officer (if they still call them that) or the reception for welfare and I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.

Maybe show some willing by getting involved as there's so much going on such as Rag and dimprob (voluntary organisation). I used to do a lot with them and it's a fantastic experience.

Could you do some extra part time work? Always used to be loads going round Aber as I used to stay and work during the holidays rather than going home.

Places like Somerfield have all kinds of shifts and usually loads of hours and overtime going in the holidays, Burger King if it's still there, all the cafes and there's not shortage of pubs around the place. Even Safeways or McDonalds as you have a car. Loads of stuff that fits in with uni hours without having to work late shifts in a bar.

I never found it hard to get a job there and waitressed in the Grapevine, worked in the kitchens at Kings Hall and worked in Burger King and Somerfield throughout my time there.

Hope you are enjoying Aber, I had a fab time there doing law. It's a very special place and I made some fantastic friends for life there.
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I'm apparently working in KFC soon enough and they are open till 12pm, so I think i'll be ok for hours. It's just incase they say they need it asap or theyll give the room to someone else. Thanks everybody for the advice :) I will try the accommodation stuff and go see the bank aswell. Oh and btw, Aber ROCKS :D
Aber has a KFC??? Wow, things have changed haha :) I used to go to the chicken place on the corner of Pier St and the sea front near the old college as that was the closest we had bar the infamous Istanbul kebab shop.

I left in 2001 and we'd not long got McDonalds and Safeways before I left. Believe Somerfield has moved too!

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Yea theres no burger king anymore shame :( but yea KFC and I think you mean the legendary LIP LICKING CHICKEN :D We love that place!!
Some nice coffee shops & Little Italy restaurant on North Parade, too!!
Actually, Eurox, if it all goes pear-shaped for you, I might be looking for a lodger - I'm only in Lampeter (45 min away from Aber) and my son's at home (he's about the same age as you, I reckon). If you fancy living on a farm and maybe helping out occasionally, the rent could be quite reasonable!!

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