sweaty feet & strawberry nose

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what..the? | 17:42 Mon 14th Jan 2008 | Body & Soul
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Yes I have both of these problems currently, they are not connected in anyway they are just bugging me big time at the moment and thought I would mention the two problems here in the hope someone else might have the same problem and / or someone might know how to help. sweaty feet - well that speaks for itself really they are sweaty most of the time sometimes even when I am bare foot, I wash my feet alot as a result because I am a bit of a clean freak but my shoe's, socks, etc it's terrible when I take a shoe off the sock is just soaked through. I have started too walk round the house bare foot more to let the air get to them but my feet just get very cold which is uncomfortable. Strawberry nose - I do not know if this is a well know or technical term but it is one my boyfriend uses, it means my nose looks like a strawberry, it is covered along with other area's of my face with what look like 'dark pits' or black heads, but on closer inspection look more like very dark obvious skin pore's, my skin on my nose is rather greasy and therefore I use clearasil face wash and my spots are not bad. These spots are not noticable from a 'comfortable person to person standing distance' but anyone closer can see them. Can anyone help???


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there is a name for the strawberry nose - maybe rocasia or something I am not sure. I think the pharmasist would be able to advise you if not a visit to the docs and I am sure there will be a cream or something. Not sure what to stop sweaty feet, maybe a talcum or something? There is a website called buy in confidence that has an antiprespirant for feet - again perhaps something you could get in your local chemist.
I think the word you are looking for is 'rosacea'
Have a look at this link and see: spx?articleId=325
Hi what..the?, i also have sweaty feet! It's really uncomfortable. It's strange because i always have very cold feet, especially my toes, but then whenever i take me shoes off my socks are damp.

Sorry i dont have a solution, but if you find one, be sure to post it!
Always wear shoes that are well ventilated, find some thick socks (Haynes are my preference if available), and if it is still is a problem you could use some antiperspirant (deodorant) on your feet.

I have the same problem and the Bior� Pore Cleansers seem to help. I am no expert by any means, but I doubt it is Rosacea.

I hope this helps. :)
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Thanks Zacha

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sweaty feet & strawberry nose

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