Horrible week

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tickledtrout | 09:35 Sun 02nd Dec 2007 | Body & Soul
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This week has been awful. My grandad died just under 12 months ago and since then my Nan who has had ill health for years has gradually worsened and has spent the last 6 months living in a home. Last week she was re admitted to hospital with a urine infection and then suffered a massive stroke. They now say that there is nothing else thay can do and no more treatment will be given. This is so much worse than when we lost Grandad who died suddenly and quickly.


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Oh you poor thing. It's horrible to see someone you love suffering when there is nothing you can do about it. There's nothing anyone can say that will help, but I'm sending you a big cyber hug.
as am i.

let's prey she does not suffer for long

my thoughts are with you
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Thank you both, its made even worse that my Dad can not get down to see her because he has just had a hip operation and cannot travel.
Very sorry to hear about your Nan tickle. It's always such an upsetting, stressful time when someone close to you is very ill. I do hope she'll slipaway into a gentle, peaceful sleep....

Hope things improve for your Dad & that he'll soon be able to get about more. Take care. -x-
I am sorry to hear about your Nan, you can only go and sit and be there for her, it must be very hard for you and for your Dad who must feel so helpless.
May be its time for her to be with Grandad and be happy again.
I am not religious but will say a little prayer for all the family, its not easy but try and be strong and hold it all together, they are probably depending on you.
best wishes Dee
So sorry you have been having a terrible time the past year.
Hopefully, they will be able to give your Gran something to make her pain free and comfortable.
Just hang in there and be there for her.
Tickledtrout babe , I know how that feels to see a loved one in a coma with no more hope from the medical team . All you can do is talk to her and hold her hand , she will know you are there . I am sorry you have had a hard week sweetie and my thoughts are with

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Horrible week

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