Unable to move / numb hand

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priceyclause | 23:50 Tue 27th Nov 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hi, i woke up on Friday morning with what I thought was a dead arm. however after 3 hours it was still there and my uni lecturer sent me to the walk in centre to get it checked out. They had no idea what it was so sent me to hospital.

After hours of waiting, i was told that id just slept on my hand and needed to rest it.... it should be ok in a couple of days.

however, today (the 5th day) it was still numb/unable to move it so i went to my doctors. I have to go for blood tests 2mrw and i am going to see a hand specialist next Wednesday.

Has anyone had anything similar? I've looked up a few things: RSI, carpal tunnel etc but my doctor said that she wouldn't like to say.

As I'm unable to move my hand, work in a maintenance environment and unable to drive the doctor gave me a 2 week sick note. I work shifts and although i will get paid my basic rate I will loose out on a fair bit of money.

Just wondered if there is anything to do so that I can aid the recovery etc.

Many thanks, Michael


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Unable to move / numb hand

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