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joannie10 | 14:31 Tue 27th Nov 2007 | Body & Soul
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I was reading an article in a magazine about the health benefits of adding mustard seeds to food. Amongst other things it aids restful sleep and digestion. I tried to find out a bit more info on this and as much as I keep reading how good they are for you it does not say for example whether it is black or white mustard seeds you should use, is it strong tasting and also how much should you add to your food a day to reap the benefits. Can anyone offer any further advice, many thanks


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Hi joannie10,
being addicted to Mustard, your question interested me, found this, hope it helps to answer your question.
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thanks Lonnie, I had found something like that already and yes looks very good but just dont really know what quantities I should be using if adding to food. I also believe from what I read that it does not actually taste like mustard which is good cause I dont actually like it! thanks for the link.
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