Gyne appointments and pubic hair

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henpecked2 | 21:32 Mon 26th Nov 2007 | Body & Soul
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I think that when a woman goes for a smear or gyne examination that if she shaves she will grow it back in time for the examination my wife on the other hand believes that the woman will leave it in the style that she has believeing that they have seen it all before - whats anyone elses thoughts on this I want to prove her wrong.


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I dont think the nurse performing the smear cares either way..
what??? im sure there not going to take any notice whether your like a bush or baldy or whatever takes your fancy!! there professional enough and have seen it all before!!
I think you both are probably right. There is no wrong or right, it's up to each individual and what they prefer.
mmm are u on a wind up????
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takes one to know one eh redhead?
They have seen it All (and more) before.

Personally I am past caring what any nurse/doctor or otherwise thinks of my nether regions, afterall they're mine xx
I'm quite shy about showing my shaved baws to blokes after footy but don't mind at all in front of birds.

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Gyne appointments and pubic hair

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