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Reverandfunk | 15:51 Fri 16th Nov 2007 | Body & Soul
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Why do men wear them?


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As in underwear? Or trousers?
Probably for the same reason women wear bra's Rev!
Question Author
as in under we aint in America Boo lol
Because when they dont, they return from the loo with that horrible little smelly wet patch on their crutch.
to make sure the twig and 2 berries (meat and two veg in my case) are well secure.
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I went out with someone a couple of years ago who licked me to wear her knickers when we went out.

Am I abnormal?
Well what else are you going to do with them?
I always thought I preferred guys in boxers actually but I am now of the opinion that certain pants are the sex.
to keep you "in place" and its somewhere to keep your skids
Licked - do you mean liked Rev?
Did you mean to say "licked" there rev or was it meant to be "liked"?pmsl
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I only wear calvin klein boxers but she liked me in lacy french knickers honest.

I told my mate who told his g/f and she made him put hers on lol
Lycra boxers are better than the BHS Speedo pants some people where.

I aint owned a pair of those for years!
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get yr minds out the sewer and I dont have skidders lol
There's a bit too much tucking in involved for a man to wear a womans knickers with dignity.
I occassionally walk around the house with my knickers on my head(clean ones obviously),it embarrasses my kids but they are getting kind of used to my daft behaviour now.
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Everything heads west when i wear boxers anyway lol
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I put my boxers on the dogs head the other day and took a pic.

She looked like an old greek wasjherwoman
Snap daffy! ;o}
I doubt its for the same reason as women wear bras lol

smudge, do you really think a chap would mind if his 'bob' reached the floor?

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