My sons partner doesn't like red carpet!!

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topogigo | 13:37 Sat 10th Nov 2007 | Body & Soul
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My sons partner doesn't like red carpet, he has gone to pieces over this, even when he explained that it was with free fitting she has forbid him to have it layed.
What can i tell him to console him? He has spent �20 on this carpet for the porch. I am gutted too.

Can i have 140 answers to this, whilst not being as exciting as Ms. Fraudulent Spottychops, it is never the less a real problem. Please your self if you don't want to answer. I know i wouldn't!


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What you�ve shared sounds about as balanced as someone buying peanut butter because it was on offer, despite the fact they�re allergic to peanuts!

Surely there must be more respect in the couple�s relationship that your son would be sensitive to what his wife wants as well? I feel what you�ve shared may run much deeper than the matter of red carpeting with �free� fitting. And I�m not sure it matters that he spent twenty pounds on the carpet. Wouldn�t have been lovely had he asked what she thought as well and perhaps had found a compromise?

Strong relationships exist where couples share and couples interact, not only responding to what their partner might ask, but anticipating. This does not appear to be the case here.

If it were me, I would try to obtain a refund and if not possible, then possibly advertise the carpeting in the Friday Ads. But before that, I would have said to my partner �I apologise. It was selfish of me not to have considered your thoughts in the first place.�

One of the greatest causes of divorce today is related to the failure of communication between couples, which leads to other problems. have-i-told-you-lately-that-i-love-you.html

I'm sad to have read this post as parentally, it might have been nice had you offered your son similar advice regarding the value of communication and respect.

Fr Bill
Bit o' back pedaling needed by son....

'Darling, I thought rolling out the red carpet for you was a compliment' as he then produces a very large diamond encrusted bracelet to his film star wife bowing down and walking backwards as he goes lol....
Good girl, I don't like red carpet either. He would have been better off going done the pub.
�20 and free fitting wooow, where did he buy it, must get some for my 30ft lounge.
It's not rubber backed is it?
Question Author
Father Bill, please forgive my attempt at sarcasm. As you answered me sincerely i feel i must come clean.
My son does happen to have had a small dispute with his partner but it is hardly worth discussing, my Q was merely in response to the massive and undeserved response to spottychops awful post. I am bemused by the fact that people will often race head on to immerse themselves in scandalous rubbish that i knew after a few Q's was all a wind up.
I was attempting to be clever, spottychops tried and failed.
Thanks anyway!!!
Topogigo: My goodness! Then it�s to you I should apologise! I think this brings to light my personal failings in my ability to use AB effectively.

Here�s my confession�the only part of AB I have been using is the �recent posts� panel in the upper right hand corner. If it appears there and I feel it�s something of interest, I contribute to it. But this may mean that I�ve missed reference to many many other posts that may have come and gone along the way.

Additionally, I�ve discovered that there are people who post notes that I never see because I�ve been away (doing what I ought to be doing) and have simply missed them going past. I�ve never �subscribed� to a post at all as I�ve generally thought that whatever I�ve given of myself in the thread, there�s little more I might have to offer.

So, apologies to you as well.

I must admit, it did come as a bit of a surprise. However, life sometimes is more unreal than fiction. Over the years, some of the things I�ve heard could make a bestseller.

Thank you for your kind honesty.

Be it in the family, or in far away lands, tomorrow we all stand for a few minutes, praying and hoping for peace.

Be well

Fr Bill
Question Author
You sound like a nice bloke Fr Bill, i am glad someone out there is in the right job!
Tell your son to dump his partner, go ahead with the red carpet and spend the rest of the day inviting his friends over to have a cuppa tea and admire his new carpet together. So everyone's happy, therefore, problem solved.
She sounds like a right bitch.
He should have done her in, wrapped the body in the red carpet and dumped her.
Poetic justice!

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My sons partner doesn't like red carpet!!

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