I'm an uncle for the first time...

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snapdarlich | 00:07 Fri 26th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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Wee tyke is gorgeous....

Oh man I can't believe how beautiful and wonderful he is...

You should see his eyes...


I want one of my own....Right...That's it do I tell my girlfriend? LMFAO!! Bet her mum reads this! ;-)
She'll kill me now!! LOL



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Steady on! There's a lot of work - and money - which goes into looking after those beautiful little bundles. Congrats anyway. It's nice to see a guy come on and say something like this.
thats great but dont be carried away ,just sit back and look from the outside and then decide is it for you ?
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LOL....well I do realise that...But I'm nearly thirty and I'm ready! lol

I've got some money (well how exoensive could it be?)_ and I have endless next argument? LOL...

( i know you weren't arguing....I'm only kidding ) LOL
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I've been broody for's not rushing in!!

Now.....names? LMFAO!
enough said then
If you propose to your girlfriend first - maybe her mum won't kill you!
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Oh I'm only kidding on really..I really wish to be married's not necessary but I'd prefer it the old fashioned way..I'm just excited that's all!!!

I'm an uncle!! LoL
lol What a way for the gf's mum to find out your intentions ...
they are lovely aren't they ... check out the link : m le632126.ece
for the cost of education too.
congratulations on being a uncle snap

But you can hand the baby back!

Babies are not so sweet when they are crying non stop at 2 in the morning! lol
Awww....don't put him off! they don't all do that - some wake on the hour, every hour!
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180 grand??? God?

That cheap? snigger!

I understand the whole handing the baby back....but what on earth we on this planet for? I love kids....I love family....

God....are you all trying to tell me you regret having kids?

Come on....will someone tell me positive stuff?

Go does it make you feel when they grab your hand? Or look up into your eyes and gurgly happily?

Come on....nice stories to please...
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Oh and I'm pretty much an insomniac who likes challenges so I thing I'm up for it! LOL
You sound like you'd be a wonderful husband and father, get the husband bit sorted out first then go for it! Its true though, kids are sooo much hard work, not just the baby stage, but the toddler tantrums, and I won't even start on the teenage years! i've never regretted any of it though, and i'm dreading empty nest syndrome:-(
btw congrats on becoming an uncle, good practice for you!
Here's some positive stuff for you - when your baby first smiles properly at you; when it takes it's first steps; when it calls you daddy - all beautiful moments. Listening to the wonderful tales that children can come out with; seeing the world through the eyes of your child; no amount of money can make up for these precious times. Having children is certainly hard work - you'll never know such worry - or such love - but the latter's what it's all about. Sounds like you might be fantasising about the event through rose-tinted glasses, but yes, it's fab!
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Oh damn I forgot to mention my girlfriend is a couple of months gone.....damn...sorry.....
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Only kidding.....God.....her mum's REALLY gonna kill me now! Lol.....

I'm just so hyper and happy...I've never felt like this since christmas as a's like beyond happy and god I feel my heart's gonna burst...

I'm. Just. So. Happy....


Congratulations - are you getting married then?
Oh. Bad joke.
Ofcourse it's worth it ... too much good stuff to list. Smiles all round. I had them beore I knew how much they cost on purpose, lol. We had a wee baby here at the weekend ... very scrummy I know what you mean. Congrats!

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