I'm an uncle for the first time...

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snapdarlich | 00:07 Fri 26th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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Wee tyke is gorgeous....

Oh man I can't believe how beautiful and wonderful he is...

You should see his eyes...


I want one of my own....Right...That's it do I tell my girlfriend? LMFAO!! Bet her mum reads this! ;-)
She'll kill me now!! LOL



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Thanks for that Ice maiden....

Of course I realise it's not all rose tinted...But I'm a responsible kinda guy...I like being depended on. LOL....My life would never be my own again....but you know what...that wouldn't be such a loss....I'd just love more family...I have planty older than me...I'd love some of my own now...
You're so right ice maiden, especially about the worry part! one of my sons has started riding a moped, which is great cos he has a lot of independence, but oh dear, the WORRY! every time i hear a siren i check the time to see if he'll be on his way home from work! daft eh!
but snap, if you and your partner are ready for it, being a parent is the greatest thing in the world:-)
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Oh that's brill sense....well done...Hope you're all well and happy!

Sorry Ice.....that was a crap joke! LOL

Slinkycat - I know exactly where you're coming from, and I sincerely hope that one of those sirens never appertains to your son. I have an autistic child, and just going out on his bike fills me with dread, so goodness knows what I'll be like when mine's old enough to have a moped or a car. The only thing I can say, is that you're obviously a loving mum. If you didn't worry, you wouldn't care. To Snap - it's OK - just wondered if your girlfriend really IS pregnant or not, but although we might come out with some jokes on here, child-rearing is far more difficult than you think - but certainly the most fulfilling job you'll ever do.
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I couldn't begin to realise how hard bringing up a child is....but isn't it the (happy) folk with kids that always say that?
Enjoy the Uncle phase first before you have your own, it`s so much easier, congrats anyway
Lol - I think the UNhappy ones complain the most - but what's been said on here is true - you never stop worrying about your children, happy or not. I have two fantastic kids, who've never really caused any bother to date, but you find yourself worrying about the smallest things - like if they're half an hour late in coming in (what's happened to them?) - did so-and-so forget his PE bag (they do!) - the worry if they're going to be OK when they first start nursery/school, etc. It all sounds simple, but once you're faced with these things, worries magnify. despite that - I wouldn't be without mine for the world!
Yes snap it is bloody hard! but well worth it:-) Ice, you,re obviously a great mum, that must be hard, dealing with an autistic child, but i bet it brings its own rewards?
btw, parenting is fulfilling? yep, full of worries, pain, no money, is it worth it snap? hell yes!
Nothing worse than seeing your kids go into school on the first day
They look over their shoulder at you just as they go in the door and you feel like sh!t

However..nothing better than seeing them come out at hometime with a big smile on their face
Thanks for that Slinkycat - I just try to do my best for my children. I've been on courses and all sorts to try and understand the world of my autistic son, and you're so right that it's been hard, because sometimes I've had weeks on end of just getting a couple of hour's sleep a night (no joke!). However, in developing my own patterns of educational "play", and being consistent, much of the hard work'd paid off, and I have a happy little boy who's a pleasure to be with. The situation was complicated by my eldest child also being diagnosed with ADHD when he was 5 year's old. Thankfully he's outgrown this now, as it wasn't caused by an allergy or food intolerance, and I'm fortunate enough to have the best of help around me. That still doesn't mean that I can't identify with folk who have disabled children though, and although we all hope our babies are going to be born "perfect", you still love them, no matter what. I'd do it all again.
snap can i just add that its been so nice to follow a post that has been so, well..... nice!!!! so often i've come on here and exited pdq, but your thread is what answerbank should be all about, informative and helpful i hope! with a bit of humour but no malice, maybe i'm too nice for this site!!!
I'm also off to bed now. Thanks to everyone who contributed here - it's been lovely. Hope you enjoy being an uncle, Snap!
my god ice you have been through it! you sound remarkebly sane tho! i suppose i,ve been very lucky with mine, except at mo with layabout, nocturnal, dope smoking son:-( lovely lad despite all that, and very helpful with any of his freinds that need helping out, sure he'll come right in end!
snap.... don't let this put you off!
Aaaaaaaah Snap - well done. I have never regreted having my 2 girls (now 18 and 16) and would (even at 43!!) love another baby - hey ho best stick with the puppy!!

Having a baby is the best x
Try changing a few stinking nappies and getting up in the night during the cold winter'll soon be brought back to reality!
Its a good thing to see that guys get broody too and it isn't weird.

I am uncle to 8 nieces and nephews and next April, I will be a Father for the first time.
I have driven fast cars around Silverstone, flown gliders and been to see Liverpool play in front of the kop (Trust me, it rocks) but nothing is like the feeling when you hold a new child.

Yes, they grow up and learn to disrespect you, they drain all your money and will probably put you in a home but as a baby, they have the power to melt even the most ocy of hearts!

congrats Snap and good luck in persuading your g/f.
just do some baby sitting first then make your mind up ...babies are so sweet but soon grow up ...congratulation any way
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Och...I could handle a few stinkin ain't smelt what my Jack Russell deals out...I kinda think she laughs when I'm picking it least it keeps your hands warm on a cold day! LOL (Throgh the poopy bag of course...I ain't weird, like!!


I wwwwaaaaaaaaannnnnnntttttttttttttt a baaaaaaaaabbyyyy!!!

I do find it strange how everyone seems to warn you off having kids always saying wait and do other things first. You are obviously perfectly ready to have children and dont seem fazed by what people are saying.

I do sometimes wish people were a little more supportive when it comes to having kids.

We all know that its one of the biggest desisions that you will ever make but at the end of the day babies are being born all the time and 9 time out of 10 they are in happy homes, have loving parents and families are made complete.

Only you can make the desision whether it is right for you but I just want to say that im 100% behind you and wish more blokes felt like you do.
Hey...having kids IS hard social life, no sleep, no money..the list can be endless!

It is also the most fantastic thing you will ever do ~ however I agree that you should wait and see what it can actually be like to raise a child. Offer to babysit when the time is right, and even offer to have the baby for a long weekend (when he is a bit older!).

There is absolutely no harm at all in gaining a little experience of handling a baby and all it's workings/baggage :o)

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