Pins and Needles on left side of the face

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Redbel | 00:31 Sun 14th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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I've been experiencing this for a couple of days.......just around the cheek area.....anyone know what it could be. x


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Bezza, please do not take this as alarmist, but that is what Bowies symptoms were which led to bypass surgery!!!!


(I was in two minds whether to tell you that or not!!!)
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No probs wardy.....To be honest been suffering with the old BP for a while now......have a doctors appointment on Monday, so will mention it to her.....thanks...xx
Bez, get yourself to the doctors to make sure everything is ok.

Could it be due to your medication? xx
Your doctor may not wish you mentioning Bowie. They may be more of a classicist. Stick to the symptoms, if you ask me.
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Redbel - with the greatest respect, unless you're lucky enough to find a real medical practitioner here, we're not really the people to ask. If you're really concerned & don't want to wait for your GP, may I suggest NHS Direct on 0845 4647 (I think! - check your phone book.) They should be able to give you sound & sensible advice!

All the best, LiK
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Hi Redbel could be Paresthesias, usually from nerve damage...due to pressure, such as a pinched nerve or nerve entrapment. i'd make an appointment to see your doc just to be on the safe side.
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Thanks petal~flower.....will do x you think if I walk in with me Ipod on playing Heart of glass, she will take pity on
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Thanks lie-in-king and louisa......I do have an appointment on Monday......xx

Bezza, sorry for legend ruining yet another thread.

I am sure its just a small thing. Have you fallen on a pin cushion and forgot to extract the needlecraft paraphanalia?
Without wishing to alarm you Redbel. My attack of Bells Palsy began with pins and needles. Dont worry its not that bad but see your gp or got to a+e.
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OK fat boy. I see you have had a few more beers hence your writing style.

Respect your waistline!!!!
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As soon as I read it I though Bells Palsy but could be all sorts of things, I imagine.
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Go fat boy, go.

Bezza, I am so sorry my lovely.

As said, have a good old roast dinner tomorrow and everything will be OK.
Redbel: I'm concerned to read this. I encourage you to contact your GP, or as mentioned herein, NHS Direct. From one extreme it could be an onset of myasthenia gravis, or especially as you�ve alluded to your blood pressure, it could be a warning sign of cardio-related difficulties.

I echo the encouragement of others to please, contact a doctor sooner rather than later. If you have any nitrolingual or nitromin based inhalants, or alternatively any GTN sublingual tablets, I would encourage you to use them.

In any event, please do see your doctor immediately.

I wish you good health

Fr Bill

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Pins and Needles on left side of the face

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