Should Pete Burns

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Doc Spock | 12:08 Mon 08th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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be in a zoo or a freak show.

How on earth can he make money by being the oddest person on the planet.

Maybe the wooftas are right, move over. Or is that turn over?


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Awwww I like Pete Burns.x
Question Author
Hi Katie, you like bobthe lurkey, enough said.
He's already done the freak show - Big Brother
I worked with Pete Burns back in the 80s,he`s a really nice guy :)
I really like pete burns, I think he's far more interesting than some other celebs out there. He doesn't try to be anything other than himself and speaks a lot of truth!

I'll be watching his programme tonight!
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I'm with the majority here - I like him too.

He is what he is - just because he doesn't conform to what society sees as 'the norm' doesnt mean he's public enemy no 1....

Pity more people can't live and let live.....
Ello doc my man we are over the reef at the moment and saw leg end saturday and he a good geezer and he stopped me from getting into trouble as hes more sencible than me
Hi legend x
Come now, Mr Burns is a freak. A mutant.
He was more of a man than fat boy Rudduck on wife swap lol
Rev, does " more of a more than Ruddock" mean anything at all?
Should read "more of a man...
Bloody hell - I'm agreeing with the clergy now!......but you're right Rf...he was a much better, more considerate partner than neanderthal Ruddock was.
He treated his partner with love and respect while razor took his wife totally for granted......I know who's relationship I admired more......and it wasn't the 'real man's man'....
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Not really lol

I think he's okay, okay he looks like a thunderbirds puppet that has been left next to a radiator but its his choice lol
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Nothing to do with his sexual orientation or his looks but I suggest shooting him, skinning him and turning him into few coats to keep the monies warm at London Zoo this winter.

monies = monkeys

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