Shedding the Lining inside your mouth

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girlieflirt | 10:30 Mon 08th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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Morning all, wierd question time, but recently i have woken up to lots of white mucus on the inside of my cheeks and gums. Not bad, but more annoying. Is this something to do with my toothpaste or mouthwash? I've had it occassionally over the last few years but seems to have got worse. It's also worse after i have brushed them in the morning. My dentist did ask me to improve my toothbrushing which i have done. I use Colgate Whitening with Bicarbonate of Soda. Thanks x


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Could be oral thrush.

Have you been taking antibiotics recently?
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Hello , do you have any on your tongue and have you any white patches inside your mouth , as Ethel says , it could be thrush . You could get a doc to check you to be sure :-)
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Hello nothing on my tongue, no white patches or anything like that...: )
Could be plaque!
do you use a whitening toothpaste?
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Yes i do
bicarb toothpaste makes my mouth seem to shed like this too. I stopped using it.....
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That's what i think i have got, due to that. Have just gone out and brought your regular good old fashioned Colgate so hopefully it should be fine...My mouth feels normal now, it's only ever first thing in the morningand then after the morning brush...x
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Thanks bednobs! Thats made me feel a bit happier and less stressed! x
I've more or less been lurking on this thread. I find it interesting due to the fact I've used Bicarb for probably the past 20 years. I also use colgate on top of it. But I found over the past few months that my mouth burned rather than giving up the Bicarb, I gave up the Colgate...and for me that worked.
I like the mild abrasive feature of using Bicarb..and because I drink lots of cokes or pepsi, I thought it would help to rid my teeth of any staining..they're actually quite white though..

Thinking of some of my children in Moldova..could it possibly be that you have the most mildest form of oral thrush? It's just a guess. We had this with a child a few months ago, where she had symptoms you mentioned.

I might tomorrow try switching the process and use the colgate rather than the bicarb and see what it does.

I do wish you well

Fr Bill

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Shedding the Lining inside your mouth

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