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Reverandfunk | 11:03 Thu 04th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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1. Friends or no friends

2. Sit by PC 24/7 or go out

3. Post inarticulate rubbish or dont bother

4. Insult others or be nice


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Go Out
sometimes when really bored
Nice until insulted.
Question Author
Thanks 4get i was trying to be ironic ;-)
Regrettably it will flow off the duck's back.

On another site I used to go to, the last time I looked EVERY single thread in every single section had as its latest poster the same person.

I hope that doesn't happen here.
this is blatent goading Rev, shame on you!

1, friends

2, sit by pc 24/7 lol

3, post inarticulate rubbish, is there any other???

4, be nice! :-) :-) :-)

im sure, like,me , the majority of abers have had enough of reading arguments to last a lifetime! :-)
Question Author
I think im retiring unruly lol
Duh I know so was I!!



Question Author
4get can we just run away together. i'll fill up with petrol and bring a tent
1, Friends

2, Go out

3, Dont bother

4, Nice
1. I'd rather HAVE friends than WATCH Friends
2. Go out, and take laptop with me
3. Both, depends who is asking the Q
4. Depends, facing or back turned?
retiring from what Rev???
-- answer removed --
Question Author
This load of old rubbish lol

if you want my number unruly its 07999 666 6666
only seen that number once before .
was on another site

a woman actually.

strange eh?

too many digits tho


octavius like dthe answwers there.

oops put the ignore back on .

ahhhhh i rang it and it isnt recognised Rev, you tease! lol
1. Friends
2. stay in but no pc
3. don't bother
4. be nice it does make you happier

i think the post may have juast gone over your head?

or are you being ever so sarcastic? lol
Question Author
No u didnt uruly u were too scared lol
Aaaarrrrrrgh it rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x
I am happier being nice than insulting people how is that coming across as sarcasm?

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