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kags | 22:41 Fri 04th Jun 2004 | Body & Soul
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When you are having a bad day, what do you do to cheer yourself up? (nothing prurient please)


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I have a badday quite often due to me being ill so I find it hard to 'come out of it' but I tend to try and pretend that it i s all ok. And I make myself laugh a lot - its good for you,, releases lotsa happy feelings.
one word - music. simple as that really. or a big hug from someone huggable. sorry you're having a bad day kags, and i'm sorry to hear you're not well greedyfly. xxxx
Chocolate and a good laugh - a double dose a happiness
I go into the cellar of yahoo group answerbook, which is where I am sending this from. Surrounded by goodies and friends, guaranteed to feel better!
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Thanks guys - I am laughing at the Answerbook madhouse, whilst listening to Whole Lotta Rosie and eating a dipped flake. I feel better already. Hapy weekend everyone!
Music, usually the chorus of 'Burnin' Love' (hunka, hunka - so daft you have to laugh! Chocolate - Double Decker or an enormous sickly Magnum Ice ceam, and being very tactile lots of hugs - big enough to envelope Greedyfly and anyone else who needs it :-)

On a more serious note watching and listening to the D-Day Veterans has made me feel very ashamed and humble when I compare my grumblings to their courage and humility.

A tall glass filled with fav acohol.....DefLepard on the cd (v loud).....other stuff would be The Dandy Warhols, Tone Loc,
If you have many days like this go to the docs and air how you feel and see if ya need any happy pills! Ive recently had depression and found it very hard to over come that and be happy. I went back to my home town and talked to everyone on how I was feeling and had loads of hugs. Also do some crazy stuff like stay up all through the day and have a 24 hour drinking sess wiv a gud m8. Go different places and keep ur self entertained. I alos read alot of books to take my mind off things or done collage's with all the words that you explain how your feeling. Hope this is gud advice! Think happy thoughts and take care xx
i do drugs and masturbate!
I know this will sound corny, but I literally do tell myself to stop whinging, pull myself together and count my blessings; because no matter how bad I feel there are millions of people in the world who are in a far worse state than I am.

Sort of a "life's too short-self rebuke type of thing."

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