mud slinging..any one speak german?

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Agent_Smith | 14:27 Tue 25th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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hi all, i have been notified that i am a serial wife cheater who has joined a dogging/swinging site??? anyway.... they got their information off alta vista so i put my name in (as rugeleyboy) and this german site came up with loads of names of AB'ers?? whats that all about? check this out?? ps..... ............ i have told the wife and she wants to know how i can be unfaithful and yet never go out without her???


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a bloke called micheal sent a request to join me on MSN which i excepted???
Someone somewhere is taking the juice !
I have just glanced through this being bilingual
and it's more or less word for word copied off here but just The B&S category and it's subsections .It looks to me as if they have just bunged into an on line translation thing .The grammar and spelling is awful .Someone obviously has an awful lot of time on their hands .
Pay no attention !
Looks confused
what a strange site, it reminds me of those characters in the fast show that used to talk away in a different language and then suddenly have an outburst of CHRIS WADDLE or some other name in the middle of all their foreign banter!
Who do you complain to if you're not mentioned on there then? :-(
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you need to be in a clique!! lol


I'm in a clique and I'm not mentioned :-(
Ahhh RB, is that where I went wrong? I've only just aqquired my clique.....that'll explain it then.
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perhaps you ought to try being a serial adultera aswell!!

hey.......... it works for me ;�)
Aww, do I have to? All seems rather too much effort now.
The thing with it is cannot tell who has posted the questions and who has given the answers ..all you see is the user names if they are mentioned in the actual answers .For example A said this or B said that ..or how's it going A ..not too bad B ...and so on .
So I said I wouldn't worry about it .....fame at last and all that !
And anyone in Germany reading it would be laughing themselves silly .
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mud slinging..any one speak german?

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