how is being lefthanded determined?

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Goodsoulette | 14:53 Wed 19th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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Both my boys are left handed. My youngest can use his right hand relatively well but the eldest is useless with it. Is there something genetic in it? Or is it purely chance?


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Hmm,don`t know,my son is ambidextrous(sp?) as was my mum.
Think it's purely vy chance, only us Chosen Ones are lefties, your eldest is joining the hallowed inner circle. :-)
I am not truly ambedextrous but do a lot of things left handed such as

shoot (more to do with a left dominant eye)
box (southpaw)
and I am stronger with my left arm.

However I write right handed (perhaps the most important issue) because I was, I believe, taught they way.
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the youngest is only 2 though, so maybe as he find he has to do things with more and more control the right hand will be weaker. I cant remember what J was like at that age but it was obvious. My youngest draws half a picture with his left hand and then does the other half with his right.
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Funny you should say that Wardy becauise my mum believes thats what happened to my brother. His appauling handwriting is done with his right hand but everything else is left dominant. Even football i think, im sure hes a lefty with that.
Ha-ha,my son does that !He plays guitar right handed though,he can play left but says its comfier that way.
The Edinburgh Handedness Inventory determines just how " left handed " you are. burgh.html

I'm a -100 - Totally left handed
David Bowie is left handed but plays guitar right handed. so that must be a good thing.

I am left handed too, my mum, dad, brother and all other relatives are right handed.

My 3 children are all right handed too.

Unless the milkman was left handed it must be pure chance, surely??

David Bowie was my sons imaginary friend when he was little,we used to have to make him tea .LOL
He is still my imaginary friend and I am 34!!!!
LOL! I love that shadow man! :)
Everyone is born right handed.
Only the greatest overcome it.
I think it happens by chance.

I'm left handed & our eldest daughter's left handed - my husband's right handed & our youngest daughter's right handed.

One of my sister's left handed too, but our parents were both right handed.

I am also left footed.

lol @ Mrs O, oh so very true!
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I have to use both my feet when I peel bananas.
My husband and I are both left handed and both our chldren are right handed. They are both very clever though and it doesn't seem to hold them back in anyway. : )

My aunt is ambidextrous because they tied her left hand to her chair at school and made her use her right - can you imagine if a teacher tried that now!
one of my boys is left handed as is my hubby. i once read that your more likely to become a serial killer if you are left handed so i now sleep under my axe proof duvet just in case
All my family are right handed except for my brother who is ambidextr.... can use both hands. And he can write with his feet. Freak.

Shadow Man, I think I remember being taught in school that everyone is stronger the arm that they don't use (i.e. my left arm, being that I am right handed) because there is more stored energy than in the other. If you think about it you instinctively use your "chosen" arm to open doors, lift mugs, write, etc leaving more energy or stength in the other arm?

I don't think I just made that up, but I wasn't very good at Physics and my teacher looked like Captain Hook so I couldn't concentrate.
I am ambidextrous but usually write with my right as it's neater . My son is right handed and yet using a knife and fork he uses his fork in his right hand and knife in left .:-)

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how is being lefthanded determined?

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