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andy-hughes | 14:35 Wed 19th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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Travelling back from a weekend away, we stopped at a carvery in Leicster, and I saw what has to be one of most physically stunning women I have ever seen. She was of Asian extraction - she had long black hair in ringlets which cascaded over her shoulders,almond shaped eyes, a perfect aqaline nose, full lips, lovely long arms and slim hands, a perfect figure, and the longest most gorgeous legs. She was dressed in a slinky cardigan over a tee-shirt, and tiny shorts. She sashayed, rather than walked down the length of the pub, looking more like a catwalk model than a girl in a Sunday tea-time pub, and you could hear the mens' jaws thudding onto the tables as they saw her.


Well yes - it was like sensory overload. It felt like having an ice-cold drink on a boiling hot day, with a nice massage, watching a Kylie video, having an adult phone conversation, and eating your favourite meal ... all in one go!

For the record, I saw her sitting on the wall outside, crossing her imaculate legs, having a fag, and chatting to friends, and in conversation she sounded about fifteen!

The question is ladies and gents - is it possible to be just too fabulous to look at, and with the effect dimished as a result? I think so - your thoughts please ...


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I don't get your question.

Do you mean she was nice, but the cigarette wasted it and the childlike voice..
Have you been at the Barbara Cartland books again Mr Hughes?
Probably a lady boy
Did Mrs Hughes notice? ;o)

I too am wondering about your question..was it the fag and the childlike voice that diminished the effect, or was it just the too perfect female that made the sensory overload to big a thing?

Hmmmm...David Beckham.
Interesting Andy, perhaps when we spy someone as beautiful as that, it is better to view and appreciate from afar and leave it as it is in our imagination as no doubt on closer inspection there will always be something to shatter the image (sadly).

I used to think David Beckham was tastey but when he plucked up the courage to actually ask me out I had to refuse because of his voice, see, illusion shattered!
God yeah, I totally think people can be too good looking, having recently(ish) dated a chapand then decided I couldn't hack it anymore because he was too good looking. Even my closest friends turned into a gibbering wreck around him, unable to control the flirting.
Hello Mr Hughes :)
How lovely to see a creature so beautiful...
I love to see beauty, when, for the most part? it seems there is so much revolting flabby young girls walking, nay waddling around, bulging tummys folding down in waves around where the buttons should be on their jeans with no pride in themselves, the way they dress or the way they walk.
I do not apologise for my thoughts on this folks btw.....
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I have said it on here before that one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen was a pikey (sorry travelling gypsy).

She was indeed similar to the two fighting gypsy girls in From Russia With Love.

Anyway, I was with a old farmer friend of mine and some police forcing them off his land and I fell in love with her.

That was until she threw a bucket of human excretment over the police van and opened her foul gob. Every other word was the F or the C one in some Irish come Geordie accent that was as attractive as the mess of the Paddy wagons windscreen.

Such a shame.
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Just to clarify -

I wonder if people's opinions coincide with mine - you can present yoursel;f in such a way that the whole effect is an 'overload' of sensory information - and that in my opinion, had she dressed down a little, she would have been just as ravishing, but minus the 'look at me' factor which I found a turn-off.

By coincidence, last week in a macdonald's in Birmingham, I saw a black lady (I love dark women) with a toddler, about three. The lady had a tee-shirt on, and jeans, and was busy dealing with her little one, and she was absoutely stunning, but only if ytou looked closely - there was no attention-seeking attitude in her dress or movement - I personally would prefer that approach in a woman.

What do you think?
I'm sure when that young lady was getting ready, she wasn't thinking who can I cause a coronary with today lol.....
Don't you think age might have had something to do with these two images though Andy? The girl in the carvery was more than likely 15 or therabouts as you mentioned- and most girls at that age do dress to impress. Whereas the woman in MaccyD's was probably just grateful that her shoes matched looking after a small person.

And yes, echo the above sentiments, it's good to see you :-)
I guess people can be too fabulous to look at but what may be fabulous to you may not be to another man.
My teenager daughter has a friend who I think is the most heart-stoppingly beautiful young woman I have ever seen. Both my daughter and her elder brother looked at me in amazement when I passed comment on how stunning this girl is as they think she is averagely pretty and nothing more.
I often think it must be a burden being gorgeous (not a problem I have!) People are often intimidated by very good looks. Also, if I was stunning I would be worried sick about my looks fading with age, as several famous stunners have admitted they are.
As I'm sure you know (being the most sensible man on AB, if not the whole planet), beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The girl you saw may look fab but the effect could be diminished if you saw her with spinach between her teeth, picking her nose or realising she had bunions & athletes foot. No-one is totally perfect.
I hope this makes sense.
From Mrs O (complete with wrinkles, a body battling gravity, lop sided grin and cankles.)
Oh I get you now Andy. Yes I agree, sometines the fact that a person knows they are beautiful is actually unattractive to me. As you say, the lady in McD's was not flaunting herself, she was just being herself. I guess the old addage of beauty being only skin deep is well founded.
I prefer character in peoples faces.

If that makes any sense whatsoever.

(Incidently, my internet connection at home is down Andy so apologies if you've mailed me and I've not gotten back to you).
Question Author
No probs China - not had time yet! (Sorry xx)

I'll be in touch in a day or so.

A x
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G4GS - don't be a wind-up merchant all your life - have an afternoon off!
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Asian women can be beautiful. I love far Eastern women. Long silky hair, lovely yellowy hairless skin and often geuinely broad smiles.

The women of Bhutan are the most ladylike birds in the world!!!

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