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banned-dot | 21:54 Sun 09th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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don't know what you think (meaning you lot reading this thread not those by passing it because of the title) but there is a lot of merit in the concept of trivia questions, and whilst it is not the purpose of this site to be used for gaining an insight into it's membership, it cannot be disputed that by reading the responses to some of the more well presented and well thought through trivia questions, ABers have the opportunity to find out a whole wealth of information about each others life style, preferences, like and dislikes, mind set, character traits, hobbies and interests, occupations, eating habits/disorders; the list is endless. I do believe that coupled with this fascinating aspect of the trivia questions, there is also an endearing good humour that should be taken as it is meant, maybe there is a a bit of tongue in cheek with the questions, maybe a spot of sarcasm, none of these are meant to be brain teasers, those of us who prefer to answer just 'yes' or 'no' to any of the questions are perfectly entitled to do so, I personally find these replies a little short on value as regards gleaning any kind of over view of a person's character, but it isn't a major issue after all. I also think that people who choose to ignore the trivia questions must have an awful lot else to be doing, which in itself seems some what ironic as they are obviously finding the time to be on this site. If you have patiently read through all of this then you are an ideal candidate for filling out a trivia questionnaire, as it takes patience, thought , time and above all, a good spirit.
Now, what about the chat?


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Sorry, can't agree, lol.Nothing against the poster/ posters, but I personally don't like the trivia questions, don't open 'em, don't read the replies.

Are they asked because they genuinely want the answers? Or just to 'fill space'? And I genuinely don't believe you can get a true character build up from random questions and their answers.
I like some of the trivia Qs and I do answer some of them. Some people think they are waste of time and space, well thats me all over there.
well if it means people wishing me dead and others getting upset because they see it on the screen then i would be better to pack it in very sorry to all i have offended :)
Don't be like that bob. For some reason some folk have got their knickers in a twist about 'em.

If you like asking them and folk still like replying to 'em, you keep on. Let's face it, the majority of folk complaining are those who aren't even brave enough to use their normal AB username to moan, they've created aliases to do that, you gonna listen to those cowards?
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maybe they were lining up their Christmas Dinner you know, we can't jump to conclusions and always see the bad in people: ))
It's ok to like the trivia questions. it is also ok to hate them ~ why not do as BOO does and just skip them?

I can't believe people waste their time posting things like 'not this ole crap again' instead of ignoring.

bob if you pack it in I shall get upset & offended.
I actually agree with you on this dot :)
bob, I don't always answer your trivia but you know I love your questions and I was absolutely disgusted by bertiebasset's post. My laptop is so stupidly slow that by the time I had typed out my reply, the question had gone.
I know the trivia isn't to everyone's taste but I can't honestly imagine why it would offend someone and therefore spur on some idiot to wish you dead :(
Bob I suspect you were just trying to bring everyone in on something, no heated debates, just simple trivia. those who dont like it dont need to read it. I dont read any of the crossword ones nor comment on them!
what gets me is people complaining because its inane of course its inane what else could it be construed as? does everything in life have to make perfect sense?
youtube should stay out of B&S. Do you ever hear me complaining? pah!!!
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I actually see them as a compendium of some of Bob's best work, in years gone by he would ask 'What is on your Wardrobe?' and 50 people might reply laying bare their innermost secrets about what they kept ontop of their wardrobe, by developing this method of trivia questioning, bob is in fact reducing the potential number of scattered replies into a smaller more compact thread, thus saving all that internet space that is so at a premium these days, thereby leaving planty of room for people to post their more intelligent and pressing questions. : )
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im not leaving that has been done by others as has been already mentioned :) i cant even threaten to leave as that has been done too nor can i go to iceland as that has been done too so im stuck here :)
bobtheturkey, you cant leave, its coming up to xmas and you'll be in demand...
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That reminds me, crossroads has been along long time in Iceland, i wonder if he is fixing all their freezers whilst updating their computerised tills whilst upgrading the sofware on their CCTV system whilst servicing their goods lift whilst filming a new advert for their Hadrians Wall (short bit) branch

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