What has made you laugh this week?

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annie0000 | 14:45 Thu 06th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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Me, Mr Annie and my two boys went for a hill walk and picnic at the weekend. Just sitting near the top of the hill eating our sandwiches when I saw a small flock of sheep running round the corner of a nearby hill. I exclaimed "oh look - a flock of sheep just went past" My 6 year old said "were they in a van?"

Well it made me laugh - what has made you laugh this week?


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Looking up MONDEGREENS on Google...some of the videos and websites are hysterical. I almost did myself an injury laughing so much. Try it (but not if you're at work)
My mates little girl was watching simpsons when digital went funny, she suddenly folded her arms and said 'mum that birds sat on the alien again' lol
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HAHA 4get - I'll try that later daffy - i'll be heading home soon!
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On the same trip - he also answered in response to the question "do you want a pole" meaning a walking pole as we were at the start of the walk - "is it an ice pole?
my children telling silly jokes that make no sense at all but they all find hysterical. Makes me laugh just hearing them
My 2 and half year olds new party trick..

Wagging her finger at me and saying "no mummy, naughty" when i attempt to tell her off.
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Yeah pixie - I get those as well - I got the same joke told to me every night for months that was basically about a monster that fell down a hole. I guess you had to be there!
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And were you being naughty BOO?
Laughing Gas
Hi annie! More little boy stuff - my 4 year old has picked up on a few religious things his older brother has said, mostly from school as it's C of E. (For instance they sing the hymn 'Water of Life' in the bath...) The best yet though, was only this morning when he said "Mum, COD doesn't live on our planet, he lives on a different moon."

It reminded me of an old joke - Our Father, who art in Heaven. Harold be thy name...!!
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You always get more of that sort of thing around christmas and easter ngf. My little boy was showing me how to pray the other day as he had learned it at school. You just put your hands together and pretend to talk to god in your head. I asked him what he prayed about - he said "oh nothing really mum - I just pray for the prayer to end"
I woke up in the middle of the night early on Monday morning and got a fright when I saw a glowing green hand beside my head on the pillow. Then I realised it was my own hand and remembered I'd been using luminous paint earlier in the evening. Although I thought I'd washed it off, I'd obviously left a thin invisible layer. Laughed out loud and woke up the wife.
oh and zacsmaster has made me alugh out loud with some of his posts
Yesterday I laughed so hard I nearly crashed the car!

Driving home from Brighton, my sister who has a cold and was lacking energy and I were chatting away when she asked if I would mind if she put her head back and went to sleep for a bit. About 5 minutes after she had closed her eyes my phone rung through the ear piece of my handsfree (so that only I could here it) I pressed the button on my ear piece and cheerly said 'Hello!' loudly. My sister opened her eyes, moved forward staring at me and replied 'Hello' slightly quizically. This just set me off and when she realised I was on my handsfree she started laughing too. We just couldnt stop and my fiance, on the other end of the phone was asking what was so funny. I was useless for about 10 minutes!
now that kimbles is funny :-)
Thurs 06/09/07
15:28 Clubbed her to death

just a minute ago on "what would you have done"? question.

anyone know how to get spat chocolate chip cookie crumbs out of a keyboard?
You beat me to it, John! Bust out laughing at that and also BOO's response'
I found it amusing the other day when my boyfriends mobile phone started to ring whilst we was napping.........he kept trying to turn the alarm off! It wasnt til I said who is it that he realised it was his phone!
The bulletins johnlambert posted on myspace that Ive just read!! lol

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