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girlieflirt | 17:18 Fri 24th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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I have just heard that if you see a fox this is a sign of good luck..Has anyone else heard this? Thanks x


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Never!!! and wouldn't pay any attention to it if I did, load of old nonsense!!!!
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Oh what a cynic...clearly not a spiritual person i take it....
bah humbug !!!!!!!!!!!1
RATTER is a spiritual person he dyes his gottee
Why on earth would it mean good luck, why does anybody believe in superstitions?

get a grip!!

and as for you fine,thanks, I'll slap you round the ear with a tenna if you ain't careful!!!
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brave words RATTER, wet or dry ?
They are always wet!!!!
fine thanks, cant stop giggling.............................
I've heard that if a fox sees 300 hounds heading his way, this is meant to be bad luck.

Has anyone else heard this?
Hi Girlie

Yes, i have also heard this before, but i am quite superstitious....

basil brush ?
Laurence, please!!! that would be 150 couple if you dont mind!!
i heard its bad luck to cross paths on a set of stairs......god there must be a lot of bad luck flying around at the train stations in Britain!!!


I've also heard that if you are bleeding from say a minor cut, and you take a short cut across a river thats occupied by ''Piranahs''. William hills are offering 5000/1 that you don't make it to the other side

Is this worth having a couple of pounds on?
It blinking wasnt when I got locked out my house and had to pee up the park and one jumped out on me
boasting again/ 4get?
They are real bad luck if you see them in your chicken house.
I must have been luckier when I lived in Birmingham cos I saw them everyday. Mind you I did win �250 from Take a break and a �1000 off the TV. Since then I've only won �25, so perhaps it's true.

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