Nausea after eating greasy foods

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lainiej | 21:55 Fri 10th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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My daughter's 16yr old boyfriend is very thin and has a problem with feeling nauseous after eating anything containing fat. Hence he eats very little - his mother doesnt seem concerned and they dont have family meals together or eat healthy food. I know he should go to the docs but his mother refuses to take him and he is not sure where his surgery is.
He was quite small in height until about a year ago but is now about 5'8".
Has anyone any ideas about the causes of his symptoms and any advice about what I can do to help - if anything. TIA Elaine


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What is he like after eating things like jacket potato or pasta? These would be filling and healthy meals for him if he will/can eat them. If he is also 16, he really is old enough to take charge of his own health and looking after it. Try and see if you and your daughter can convince and to do just this starting with finding out which doctor he is registered with, if any. If he isnt registered with one, could you get him in at your surgery? Im not saying there is anything seriously wrong but it would benefit him if he can checked out by a doctor and maybe referred to a nutritionalist. Another thing he may be able to try as he eats little is eating often, maybe four small meals a day.

Goos luck to all three of you.
Good luck too! lol
i get a sick feeling when i have had chips or any thing fryed dont know why .
I'm the same sleepy1,greggs pasties get me the same way too
hiya im thinking it could be a problem with his stomach,,.i had gastritis not so long ago. i had loads of wind, sickness, nausea etc. i got some stomach tablets from the doctor and was better within the week.
also eating live youghurt restores a natural balance within the stomach. good luck. radio
cont... sorry forgot to mention. . fatty or spicy foods aggrevate this condition too! best avoided until stomach settles.
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Thanks everyone for your replys. Apparently this condition has been going on for some time and he must have been to the docs at some point as he was told that if he hadnt put weight on by the time he was 18 he would be taken into hospital. He is not very forthcoming with info - is it any of my business anyway - I'm just worried about a very sweet kid
poor soul. at least your looking out for him. x
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Hi radio...yes but to my daughter's annoyance! Thats 16 yr olds for you !
lainiej, if you dont look out for him who will? It sure sounds like his own mother doesnt give a damn! Maybe you can have a little chat with your daughter about why you want to help him and that youre not just inteferring, youre actually trying to save him! Ask her if she wants to see him end up in hospital if he doesnt put weight on in the next two years.
I hope he does let you help him, it sounds like youre just what he needs......a caring mother! Good luck :)
he may have celiac disease. it causes malnutrition and stunted growth. there is a blood test for this. If he cannot afford the test then maybe he could try to go on the gluten free diet for people who have this disease. It is an autoimmune disease that destroys the villi in your small intestine making it difficult to absorb nutrients and can be very debilitating. look up celiac disease and you will find a host of websites steering in this direction. Hope all goes well.
This is very likely a gall bladder infection.
Here is a link to a good natural remedy to help get rid of it. I am going to use this remedy starting tommorow as long as my body proves it can handle all the products today as I test them.

I would give you the entire recipe but it goes far beyond the maximum number of characters were allowed to type. The report cost me about 19.95 or so but after doing some research this is the way to get rid of the gall bladder issue.

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Nausea after eating greasy foods

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