Pain in the bum... and leg!

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Rubyrose | 10:59 Tue 07th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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I am in so much pain!
I was crouching down last night while feeding the rabbit and locking up the hutch and when I stood up I got a shooting pain run down my right leg from my right bum cheek.. Then it dissapeared and I walked to the kitchen and the pain kept coming back� it felt like severe muscle cramp� then I went to bed and was in agony� I had to keep moving my leg into different positions.. but all night it kept waking me up! Now today it feels like a constant cramp in my right bum cheek and the back muscles of the right thigh.. It's not as bad as last night but it still hurts!

Does anyone have any idea as to what it could be?


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I would say you've possible trapped a nerve
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Oh cr@p! Really? I've never had one of those before! I am only 23 and I am getting old!
Sounds just like sciatica,
as I always advise, go get it checked oot by your GP Ruby
It could be siactica, which is very painful, i suffer from it in my groin. It began during my pregnancies.

What type of pain is it more cramp pain is it, i woudl describe siactica more trapped nerved but very intense, and why i said it could be siactica is you say it keeps coming back.
It may just be cramp, take good pain killers hoping it should die down.
If still after few days its still there i would say to see your doctor.
hope you feel better soon :-)
On the bright side, i've had it on and off for about 15 years and once you get it once it always comes back.

The best thing I found for it was acupuncture.
If you cradle your buttock and press on the crease where buttock (stick with me here...........) joins top of thigh, does that ease the pain ?

You seem to have sciatica........probably temporary.

Trapped nerve Ruby, not nice!!! I had it for 12 months in my neck and shoulder, I had all sorts of manipulation and physio for it and nothing worked. I was advised to see a Yoga teacher that specialised in injuries and after about 4 or 5 sessions it completely went, it was amazing!!

Good luck
Well, without a full and thorough hands-on (ooer missus) examination, none of us could really know. It could be one of the above, or it could be a herniated disc.

Off to your GP perhaps�?
Do you get a 'pulling' sensation in your back if you try to drop your chin onto your chest ?
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Someone at work just said it sounded like a Siatica too! But she said it's not common in people of my age! Hmm...

It's not as painful as last night but still hurts now and then. If I am sitting down then it doesn't hurt but I can feel it there like when you have cramp in your toe but you know it hasn't gone! If I get up and move, I can feel it!
It can be common at young age im only 28 and had it since i was 21! and it always comes back in the same place in my case my groin/hip, just take good pain killers.
Go and see your GP.

That's how I started, and after MRI scan it was revealed that I have herniated L5/S5 disc and have been in pain for 2 years.
YOu need to take it easy. Backs are weak things, regardless of age. I did mine in age 25 and have had trouble walking ever since. Do NOT push yourself. If you have a shooting pain down your leg it is sciatica. It can come and go, but it is caused by a nerve being pressed on further up. This can be caused by a "slipped" disc- basically the disc in between your vertebrate gets squashed and the goo comes out (a bit like toothpaste coming out of a tube) and presses on a nerve. The goo eventually dries up and the problem can go away- but more often than not you are stuck with back problems on and off forever.

For now, take a few days off work! Avoid sitting as this puts more pressure on the spine. Just stay at home, sit and potter, and lie. Don't lie still for hours as this can stiffen it all up. Keep it moving. I would also go to a chiropractor as they are the only specialists in back problems. They will be able to tell you what you have done.

Long term, take the chiropractor's advice and do some gentle back strengthening exercises, to avoid this happening again. I wish I had done!
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Thing is, if I sit in the normal seated position on a chair, it's not bad... if I lay down, stand up or move about it hurts! I will go to the doctors anyway and I don't like taking pain killers... I would rather solve the problem straight away.... I will see what the GP says but I wanted some advice before hand!
Quick test - lie flat on your back and, keeping your foot bent (ie don't point your toe), try ever so carefully to raise the affected leg. If it hurts like hell, it's probably sciatica. I know because the doctor diagnosed mine this way a couple of years ago. Mine came on when I was putting on my wellies.

Take Scarlett's advice - rest it. Try to move around a little, though, but don't go standing for long periods or trying to lift stuff.

Doc told me that posture is one of the most important things. Sit up in your chair, pushing your bottom right to the back of the seat so that you use the chairback. If you're working at a table or desk, another good position is to shift forward in the seat, tucking your feet underneath and sitting up straight. However, his advice is not to use one of those kneeling/stool things - they can cause knee damage.

I know what you're going through and I hope you're feeling better soon.
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I will try that later.. I work on reception for an office of about 60 people so I can't really go lying down and testing out my leg! Although if I did, I don't think they would bat an eye lid.. They'd know it was just me being mental! Lol.

Luckily I don't have to move much in this job!
Ruby- please don't bother with your GP. They know nothing about backs and will only prescribe you painkillers. This will not solve the problem, only mask it, and risk making it worse. Trust me! Get thee to a chiropractor. I reckon one in three people visiting a GP is about a back complaint, and they really can do nothing about it, not do they have the time or expertise.
P.S if you are in real pain, take anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. These can sometimes help- not by masking pain, but by reducing the inflammation, and sometimes a trapped nerve can be sorted out this way.
do NOT take Ibuprofen if you have ever suffered from any ulcers in your stomach!!!!!

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