Likeable body parts?

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somebyrd | 01:23 Sat 04th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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Ok, we all have bits we hate, but what bits of your body do you love?


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Maybe my hair :-)

Not sure about anything else to be honest
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I like my eyes.

x x x
my philtrum
My skeletal system: it makes me an upstanding citizen.
Jno, the philtrum: is that an adjunct to the cerebrum?
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LOL stewey!
Skin is a also a good part of the body to sort of like: it keeps all the other slippery, slidey, portions inside so that we don't have to slurp around like an amoeba.
I like my boobs and hair, that about all.
Hairy boobs?
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PMSL Stewey, you're on top form tonight !

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I like my eyes, my hair, my legs and my boobs! Its all the other bits that arent so popular!
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Im quite attached to most of me really, I wouldnt say I had any problem areas, maybe a bit of a tummy on me, but not too bad!!
I'm answering this in a very small voice - I don't love any of me!
I like my bum, which still attracts positive attention - at 52!

The rest of me though .... er ... well sigh ...

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Likeable body parts?

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