Men with blonde highlights?

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paulobrad | 16:20 Sun 11th Apr 2004 | Body & Soul
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I have quite dark hair, nearly black and I've been debating weather to put blonde highlights in. What do people think of them and what are the chances of me making myself look like a complete div - esp if I do it wrong.

If you've done it, what product did you use?



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If you're going to have it done please have it done professionally. The trouble with having such dark hair is it will have a tendency to go orange if done at home with a kit from the chemist.
I used to do it and I have very dark hair - I used the common hilighting kit from Boots, but because I'm so dark, I had to ignore the suggested times on the back and leave it in for about 50 minutes (it said not to leave it in for longer than 30 minutes). But yes it worked fine and the streaks were very blonde, but I could never bring myself to do it. Get someone else to do it for you, then you have someone to blame if it goes wrong.
Guys with dark hair and blond streaks in thier hair look sexy! I agree though have somone else do it. A guy I know did his own and he didn't space them right and he looked like a freak :)
Blokes with highlights, what a turn off! Makes you look vain you know. Chances of looking a complete divvy are very good.
I'm grey and have blond streaks.Unfortunately they are derived from nicotine and I have to use special shampoo to get rid of them.
My initial thought was like greedyfly - don't.However, if you are young & keep your hair short why not give it a go, (or how about some subtle chestnut/coppery streaks instead?). Have it done properly, talk to the hairdresser first & if you don't like it, it's not the end of the world. Grow it out!!
Initially, I would say don't do it as I always think it looks dodgy. But it may suit you, so I would say get it done professionally and if you like it, then make sure you keep getting it topped up or dyed back to your original colour if you don't like it as there's nothing worse than when its faded or your roots are growing out! Have fun! :)
Definitely get it done professionally and start off just having a few streaks in the front. Don't go for platinum blonde either, go for darker shades of blonde/light brown. If you get it right, it'll probably look great, otherwise it could look a bit naff and very 80s! At the end of the day, it's only your hair so go for it.
Someone I met the other day (Lindsey...) who is a hair dresser, said that highlights with dark hair are best done in a professional salon and with silver foil. Apparently, the stuff you can buy in Boots contains about 3% *blah blah technical name* and the juice they use in salons can be over 15% *fandangled expression when I glazed over* so that's one reason why it won't look faded and... well, crap, quite frankly, if you have it done in a salon rather than at home with a granny cap on.
Don't do it, you'll look like a horrendous chav. Next thing you know you'll be wearing a Burberry baseball cap on back to front and a hooded sweatshirt (with the hood up). Or maybe you already do?
Depends on your skin's tone and color. I have naturally dark hair but have been putting blonde highlights into my hair for a while now. However, while I am white, I have very tan skin without an olive color, so it works for me. Also depends on what type of blonde, yellow, gold, platinum? I personally prefer a more ash, platinum blonde. I would suggest letting a professional do it. Also find a shampoo that is going to keep the blonde blonde and stop it from getting brassy. My hair naturally pulls red so I have to use a special shampoo and conditioner a couple times a week to keep it from getting that way. Talk with a hair stylist and they will lead you in the right direction. All in all if you want to do it, try it. Worse case scenario you don't like it and you have it dyed out. Your hair is something you can change easily so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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