Pregnancy symptoms although no missed period

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dmj | 21:08 Tue 10th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hi, This will probably sound ridiculous, I am having real symptoms of pregnancy although not early pregnancy but 20 week symptoms, I know this cos I have 2 children, I have definite flutterings ( and no it doesnt feel like wind!) it feels like proper movement, my tummy is a lot bigger and I look pregnant! I havent missed a period although the past couple have been fairly light, I have just taken a test and it is negative. My period isnt due until end of this month, any idea what this could be and has anyone else experienced this? Thanks xx


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HI DMJ, that sounds to me something that i feel quite alot and you are right it is like 20wk flutterings/movements. I get it quite regulary, have had one child so know what it feels like and def not pregnant. what could it be? Is yours quite low in your tummy and do you get it when you are relaxed/lying down? weird i thought it was just me!
Tells a tale, I told you, no-one can be @rsed with these questions.
I had similar experience when my son was 8 months old. I couldve sworn that I could feel those fluttering movements. In the end i put it down to all my muscles recovering from carrying a child.

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Pregnancy symptoms although no missed period

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