Hello. Is Mrs Wood There Please?

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beryllium | 11:23 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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No!!! she friggin' isn't!!!

Hello All :-)
I'm a bit fed up of getting these calls for this woman. They range from her GP through to the local creche through to cold callers international and blahdy blah.

When I ask how they got this number, the GP and Creche in particular, I am told she gave it to them!!!

She is giving out my number to everyone!!! so.... I've tried B4USearch.... no joy, and I'm not going to change my phone number that's a pain.

I have 2 possible roads the creche have given me that she may live in and it matches the doctors records too. But I do not have the number of the house.

I'm probably ranting because I'm tired, and don't feel too good atm.....

What would you if it was happening to you pleaseeeeee?

Love B. xxx


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Used to get calls for a 'Gordon'. He was easy to trace as our area in the city had two similar three digit starts one digit apart... we were one version and the other was him. He was OK with with us and tried to correct his friends etc, but it was people just getting it wrong when calling him. Getting his help didn't work, correcting the callers didn't work... nothing seemed to.
Eventually we just started saying that Gordon wasn't in just now and take messages for him... or at least that is what we told the callers. All we did was let them say their piece and say nice as anything that we'd pass it on/tell him he'd call them back or whatever and then hang up and go about our business. Took a while but worked 100 times better than correcting arguing or giving abuse.
Pr4esumably if the creche are calling she has a child who goes to the creche, could they not identify her to you?
I can't think of any reason why a creche would call someone who doesn't havre a child there. What would happen if there was an emergency and they couldn't get hold of her?
I do sympathise I had to change my number years ago as some mad woman dialled my number under the impression I was someone having an affair with her husband - she never used to let me speak just hurl obscene abuse down the phone, I didn't have a boyfriend of my own at the time let alone someone else's!!
Hello there - hope you've calmed down a bit.
Count your blessings, sunbeam - my number is one different to the local Asda!
Ok I know it's not quite the same but still a nuisance.
Next time they ring, have a bit of fun and tell them you'll go and have a look to see if she's in. Keep them on the line for a couple of minutes and then inform them no-one of that name lives at your house and I bet that'll make them take the number off their records quick! Similar to Ken's solution but with a bit more inconvenience that might stop repeat calls.
x x
Yeah we used to get calls for another family which was slightly different than our phone number we were 123 3345 and they were 123 3456, people just used to stick an extra 3 in and so got us! If I were you I'd look in the phone book to find Mrs Wood and speak to her to ask her (nicely) to make sure that she's giving the right phone number out.
The next time you get such a call tell the caller the person has died or move to wherever, or you could give them the number of someone else, lawyers offices, county offices etc., or you could give them the number of someone you don't like.
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Hi MammarDefinitely calm now lol :-)
And I love your idea. So that will be next.

Hi Hellyon,
I'm not sure why the creche rang. Maybe to offer a place to her child.

Alas, Spudqueen Mrs Wood is not in the phone book, nor is she traceable on B4 U Search lol....

lol Society worth a go when I'm bored.....

The times I've said to the callers sorry wrong number and they've said is that so and so road??? and basically am I sure I'm not Mrs Wood and I don't live in that road?

Hold on!!! I'll just check lol....

:-) xxxxxx

Why u so uptight, you sh1thead!

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Hello. Is Mrs Wood There Please?

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