Stopping smoking, feeling tired

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mazzywoo | 11:23 Sun 24th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hi all. I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago exactly and after 38 years of puffing 20 a day, am pretty proud of myself! YAY! However, I am feeling really tired and a bit 'spacey' and am getting quite worried about this. All the websites I have looked at say that tiredness may last about a week and the 'lacking energy' sensation a few days after stopping the smokes.
Has anyone else had these symptoms? I will stop worrying if I know it's merely a normal part of withdrawal.
Thank you, Mazz xx


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Are you on patches or gum ?
I stopped mid Feb this year after 40 years, 30 a day. Used patches for 2 months but not anymore. Did stop once for 9 years but started again 6 years ago. Felt a bit panicky the first time but didn't use patches then.
Remember the short tern symptons of stopping are better than the long term effects of continuing smoking.
Don't mean to sound like a sactimonious ex smoker. Good luck.
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thanx doc spock-No I am not using patches or anything else. Its been easy to go cold turkey and I figure that if I use nicotine replacement it is just substituting one 'fix' for another! I can do this, but just don't like the tired feeling-is it normal?
Sorry don't know, could be your bodys' reaction to the sudden cessation of nicotine. Would definitely recommend them. I started with 15 ml for a month, then 10 for a month didn't bother with any after that. With all the publicity on fags at the moment I think you can get free patches from clinics. Mine were free cos I am 62. Would def advise trying them. I am sure over the coming weeks there will be plenty of support on here.
I imagine you would feel more tired if you were in hospital with a cancerous lung and have tubes stuck up your nose and an enema shoot sticking out of your bum due to a complete loss of bowel control. I have heard such things may cause an uncomfortable nights sleep.

So...................well done for stopping this foul and odious habit. After years of violently abusing your entire body, of course there will be side effects. These will go in time and only goodness will follow.

Forget healthy eating, a stress free life, caffeine, alcohol, a decent exercise regime and other things, the single best change of lifestyle to improve your overall health is to continue to stop smoking.

Carry on and may the future bring you a cancer and heart disease free life!!
cold turkey is best way.
i started smoking foolishly at 17.
i stopped 12 years ago.
from 40 a day to none.
ive never touched another ciggie.
age seems to have brought me some slf control.
well done mazz just dont start eating too much.
the weight gain is a problem.
but no cancer sticks is better
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Thank you all for your answers-I will just keep staying smoke free even if I do feel tired. And hey-thanks especially for the shock tactics-very helpful Joe the Lion. D'you think I don't know what the end results of smoking can be? I merely asked if feeling tired was normal-I didn't need the moralising but thanks for replying anyway.

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Stopping smoking, feeling tired

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