sex change!

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unruliejulie | 10:18 Sun 24th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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If you could swap gender for one day what would be

1, one thing you'd love about being the opposite sex

2, one thing you'd hate about being the opposite sex


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Hi Julie,

Oh if I could be a lady for the day

1 I could do the ironing, cooking, cleaning, washing,tidying up,making the bed etc what a lazy day i would have.

2 Not being able to work hard like men do
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Ray, wrong answer. No stars for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL ;-)
If I could be a guy, I'd like:

1. Being able to have my clothes washed and ironed for me and the house cleaned by my partner (who also for raysparx1's benefit work full time - it's 2007 - the majority of people can't afford to just be at home full time!)

I wouldn't like:

2. Having to do a wee in a public toilet, I really wouldn't like standing next to someone else who was doing a wee whilst I was. I'd be one of those people who wait until I was on my own and be mid flow and another guy would walk in and it would stop.
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id love to see what makes men tick, how often their winkle dictates their thoughts and do they all talk in detail about what happened in the bedroom with there mates.

dono what id hate to be a man? everything's so male orientated, they suffer no periods,the pain that goes with,
no bad hair days (just shave it off) clothes that dont have straps that fall down at the wrong moment.. i could be here all day....
If I was a bloke would:

1. love to scratch/ adjust myself in public, pick my nose, show my builders bum and not care.

2. hate having to shave every day, worry about going bald.
Hi nuoyg, i was being sarcy, i know how hard women work, my wife does all the above and more, also works full time. while I have a lovely life,(I always do the washing up though)

warpig, you been filming me,? cos thats what I do all day in your number 1
You're forgiven raysparx1!! :)

Mr N does the washing up too!
aaahhhhh Ray, my ideal man!
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I would like to be a girl so I could go to a disco and dance round my handbag.

Wouldn't like all the fuss of puting "slap" on.
neo believe me the novelty of jugs would soon wear off, grow a pair of manboobs and see!
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if i were a man for the day, i 'd love to have the choice to go in the pub and have a beer after work on my own!

Would hate having to shave every day and i agree with nuoyg, i'd hate to wee stood next to someone else! ! I like my privacy!!!!

Not for one day but one thing id hate about being a man is not to have the ability to get pregnant, carry a baby and give birth! what an experience!
But on the other side of the coin, i'd love not to have periods and have the change and HRT to look forward to!
yeah, giving birth to my wee girl top's it all. hurrah for the woman!
1) I would love to gently tweek my nipples

2) I would hate to be a bad driver, more interested in make up and shoes than concentrating on the road ahead.

(On a serious note, and maybe less sexist, I would hate to have a period. They seem particularly ghaststly)
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oh joe, you make that sound so sensual! lol if only we women actually went round doing that eh????

and on a serious note, youre right, they are!!!!
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Thing I'd like most about being a female: I could wear a silly hat and get away with it. Let's face it, if a man wears any hat other than a baseball cap, he'll be laughed at. But a woman can wear any hat she wants.

Thing I'd hate most: men making sexist comments or unwelcome advances. Some women let men away with it. I wouldn't. I'd kick them in the spheres.

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