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Cockney_si | 11:05 Fri 15th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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How good are you at remembering numbers?

If I was to set myself a task of writing down all the numbers I have remembered I'm sure this would be a long list.

A typical list would probably start with:-
my age
my home door number
post code
home telephone number
work post code
work telephone number
work fax number
car registration number
mobile phone number
bank PIN number
friends phone numbers
friends mobile phone numbers (can only remember some)
friends door numbers

Ok, so that's part of my list, but of course, there are other things too that I could write down that I didn't immediately think of, such as my height and weight and shoe size. This then opens up all my own memories of size of collar, chest, waist, inside leg.

The list has now grown to over 20, but then our memory also remembers other numbers too, like distances, measurements of items, prices of items, miles we get from our car on certain amounts of fuel. The list grows and no sooner am I pondering on what else my memory can recall, I think of at least 5 other items to add to it.


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I can remember most numbers but I always have difficulty with 9,257,356 � it gets me every time.

I jest, but I do have a strange knack of being able to remember every car number plate of the cars that belonged to each member of my family since I was about the age 10. Ah, the Ford Cortina........
I can remember the numberplates of the cars we as a family had when I was really tiny, including grandparents', my older brother's first car, a camper we used to hire for holidays etc. Must be 15 or so, now that I stop to count. Considering that all of them are bound to be scrapped by now, 30-odd years later, I wonder why their numbers are all still lurking in my mental filing cabinet?!
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Ive always been able to remember my NI number.

For some reason I am good at remember birthdates......but forget birthdays?

*shrugs and goes back to bed*
When I worked in a bank I knew not only my own account number but also those of all the major account holders (companies and so on). Similarly when I worked for the Prescription Pricing Authority I knew the price of mogadon and valium, no matter what the amount of tablets. Now I no longer use these every day I can't remember them. I can however remember phone numbers I used to use a lot over 20 years ago!
Snap Spudqueen - I haven't worked in a bank branch for 7 years now but can still remember all the account numbers for the major accounts I used to work with!
Yeah I'm very good with numbers. Annoyingly so.

Like Psychick I can remember my NI number. I can also remember Postcodes and old house numbers and im good with peoples telephone extensions at work

BUT get this....i cant remember my home phone number!!!
Beaten you all. I can recite, in chronological order, every whole number between one (one) and 1,000,000 ( million).
Shall I begin ?
cheekychops - thats scary!!!
go on then doc spok!!
I can remember every telephone / door number i have had for the last 30 yrs; the last 3 digits of everybodys mobile number i've been given/got; the day, date & time of every un-important event ever And if you give me a date/day/time I can tell you Exactly where I was/what i was doing & and probably even what i was wearing & had for lunch that day!!?? God i'm boring ... but it'll come in handy if i'm ever under police suspicion!!
As well as the usual NI numbers post codes and bank accounts and sort codes. my favourite number that I remember is my Mum co-op divi number from the late 60's early seventies - you had to quote this every time you went to the coop to get the dividends added up.
I have everything logged in my head, account details,ni number,membership number ,card details,birthdays,anniversaries,store account numbers phone numbers (inc mobiles) details of every car I have ever owned and that our families have owned, reg numbers, sizes for everyone shoes/clothes, diary dates for school, pin numbers, past bank account details its endless actually.

I have a photographic memory and can remember a lot of things in minute detail,it annoys the hell out of everyone!! my daughter has inherited this skill and my 7 year old son is a human calculator (seriously!) so its obviously a family trait!!
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Its amazing really how much we can remember isn't it?

So the next time someone says :-
I was gonna call you but couldn't remember your number....
I was gonna send you a card but I couldn't remember the date....I was gonna get you some money but I couldn't remember my pin number....

Are they really telling you the truth?
Nine times out of seven they usually are.
i remember file nos at work.....even ones where i only did thee clients acs once 10 years ago

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