choosing between your children?

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unruliejulie | 17:42 Wed 06th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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sexyruskees question made me recall this article i read in one of my mags about a woman who had a son from her first marriage. She re-married and had a daughter with her second husband. Anyway, they later found out that her son was abusing her daughter. They had him taken away, he was about 14 or so at the time and the daughter was 7. My heart went out to her for the decision she made because she totally turned her back on her son for the sake of her daughter.The boy often tried to get in touch with his Mum but she would have absolutely nothing to do with him. I just cannot imagine being faced with a choice like this. It really made me think about how hard a situation that would be. Could you totally 100% cut your first child from your life?


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Yeah Gods! what a difficult question julie!!!

I've honestly no idea how I'd react if ever I was faced with this awful awful predicament. All I can say is that the mum involved took a really painful decision for the well being of her daughter. The son at 14 is surely old enough to know that what he was doing was wrong?

So my answer is, I've no idea if I could do it or not- cut myself off from my child, regardless of what they'd done.
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I'm the same B00 which is what made me ask. I guess until we're in that position can we say how we'd react? I cannot imagine cutting my son off though no matter what he'd done but does the loyalty lie with the daughter????
The story stayed in my mind for long after i read it.

Yea Gods B00, youre right, this is a bloody difficult question! :-)
Reminds me of Sophie's's VERY different circumstance obviously, but still...Doesn't bear thinkign about. One of the few books that actually made me cry! :O(

saying that................. there is a woman who's house i can see from my house who married a bloke, who then abused her daughters...he got locked up for it, when he got out.........she put the kids with her mother and had him back!!!
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That is incredible RB, any woman who choses a man over her kids, let alone a man who abused those kids, isnt fit to have the title of mother anyway.

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choosing between your children?

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