never a lender nor a borrower be!

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unruliejulie | 11:50 Mon 04th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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have you ever lent anything out to a "friend" and not had it back? What was it? Could be money or a possession that you wished you'd never lent. Has it taught you never to lend anything again or borrow for that matter.?


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yep and I will never lend them anything ever again. Usually cds, dvds.
Yeah a lot of the time.

Still waiting for my friend to pay me back for tickets i bought her to the Arsenal Vs Man City game which was AGES ago... i think its just plin rude not to give back what has been borrowed.

I think a particular "friend" of mine used to take advantage of me when we used to go out on nights out. She'd come out skint and 'indirectly' expect me to buy her drinks or lend her money as i earned a bigger wage than her.

Really bloody annoying.
Yeah, DVDs, videos, CDs, it wouldn't stop me lending other stuff to people though, if I was that bothered about not getting something back I'd go round and get it. It's an annoyance but not the worst thing in the world if you have to replace a couple of CDs or something.
I would rather give something than lend it
There's quite a few people who owe me money. Although I wouldn't lend those particular people money again I would still give it to anyone else that needs it. As long as they pay me back I'll always be willing to give it.

hmmm, a certain ABer has a dvd /video player of mine and also a few DVDs.

Im thinking of sending in the bailiffs, what should i do?
Question Author
My advice would be send in the baliffs red, its the only way to go with some people lol
LOL redcrx, who could you mean?
LOL wonder what her defence will be.

perhaps she was stuck somewhere and couldnt return them
but you wouldnt lend them to those certain people again would you tiny. Hasnt put me off, but I know who not to lend them to now. I have borrowed things and still got them but only because the people have moved away or I just dont see them.
oh and red I've sold them on e-bay :-)
Basically in my defence I put them in a pile for you to take a while ago when but you didn�t, and you�ve never asked me for them since :-) and as for dvd player did you want it back? I though I could keep it.
dont need them for now, you can keep it a while :)
And the dvds were forced on me, have never watched some of them as it was a �watch these they�re great� kind of lend :-) Its different for sisters though isn�t it?? They aren�t going anywhere. Its when they borrow things and then you ask them a ciuple of months later about it and they say nah I gave it back. So nothing can be done. I let my mate borrow a dvd for her child and I forgot about it for a couple of months and text her and she said �I though I gave it back� I couldn�t remember her doing so and asked her to check and have a look and she said �no cant find it anywhere� Thing is I�ve been round since and seen it on her shelf. Thief!!
no, I suppose not, although if someone asks me for something I usually can't bring myself to say no. Hopefully people who haven't returned something to me just won't have the audacity to ask to borrow something else!
tiny e.a
can I borrow your debit card and pin number please?
I'll return them tomorrow afternoon, I promise
nnnnnnn...nnnnn....nnnoo...actually yeah, yeah course you can, sure, why not! (see! can't do it!)
I need to borrow your car for the weekend
I have no car but I'll make sure you get an all day bus pass for your area

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never a lender nor a borrower be!

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