Update of my 'situation'... (for Mccfluff)

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Rubyrose | 12:55 Fri 25th May 2007 | Body & Soul
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Days 5 of the b!tch saga -

She is in today... and today is the final day of her hand over!
I went in the kitchen and she was in there.. she stayed silent until I said good morning.. then I put my cup down and put a teabag in it and walked off.. when I cam back she was filling my cup with hot water for me!!! What a suck up!

The girl she is taking over from, came to my desk today for a little chat and she told me H has already told her she is unhappy here and wants to leave... she has been here 5 days!!!!!! Muwhahaha...
Also H told her that she used to live with a friend but had to move out as the friend left her in debt!!!! Is she having a f*cking laugh?

But I spoke to S and she told me the full version of the story again today so I can clear up any confusion at my work... basically H said she would help S in buying a car for S's little sister back when she was 17 (her sister is now 20). H bought a car out of hours as she worked for a car firm and told S the car was �1000. S paid the money and then H couldn't provide any form of proof of purchase even though she claimed her bf payed on his bank card. So S decided she wanted the money back as the car started playing up after 2 weeks and was clearly a heap of sh!t!

Then after a few weeks of not speaking H moved out with all of S's things, got the gas, water and electric bill transferred into S's name and did a bolt!

I found out H had done this to a girl she lived with before she lived with S and also stitched S up on a holiday years and years ago leaving S and her cousin to pay for it!

What a little b!tch!

Am I making any sense? Is anyone even reading this? Lol...
I just needed a semi-rant, semi-gossip!


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sorry but you lost when when you cleared your throat.
Hmmm, rant away Ruby. I am reading it. I read everything. But i cant be bothered gossiping....
Should this be in the riddle section of phrases and sayings?
Ruby this better than the Archers, what will happen next ? I was a bit worried about davids tractor, now i don't give flying fart about it, can i just say something that may help the situation, S needs to be very calm, she should speak to H and just say come on we were friends lets start again, then when they meet give her a cuddle sort of make up, then make her a nice cup of tea, remembering though to slip the dog turd into the cup first, cover up the taste with a few sugars, let me know if it works.

But Seriously, She needs a slap, and one day she is going to get one. xx
I'm reading it.x
Do you write your own blog? If not i think you should! :-)
Question Author
Lmao! Ok... I will type, regardless of who is reading!

I hate H! She is bugging me.... Like the dog turd idea but that does mean I have to be nice to her! (S doesn't work here with us btw)
Hello Ruby, no don't be nice to her, I don't know her and I don't like her, do a technicolur yawn into her handbag instead !!
Well I'm upset you haven't yet clocked her round the head with the frying pan like I suggested about 4 threads back
Question Author
Haha! Thanks Ray... good idea..

Now the big Q is... so I be nice to her and confirm her doubts about her new job position... she is already thinking it isn't what she wants to do and it may make her leave sooner.... but on the down side of that plan... she will think she has gained a friend in the company and may stay....


Do I keep blanking her and being a cow to her and then coz she feels uncomfortable she may leave sooner.. but... as she will have no-one filling her head with doubts.. she may stay!
Question Author
Thought you said Coat stand Mammar? I haven't recieved it yet! We don't have a frying pan in our kitchen! Lol
Hi Ruby, No don't be nice to her, blank the old faggot, she sounds a right nasty minger who needs to realise you can't go round crapping on people like that, so puke in her bag and wee in her tea. xx
Question Author
Haha... I don't know what will be more difficult.. trying to get her bag so I can puke in it or c0cking my leg up in our open plan kitchen so I can piddle in her Tetleys!
No I said to do a Pauline Fowler
I can't imagine the coat stand making such a satisfying noise as the frying pan would.
And think of the anticipation as you bring your batting arm back and thwock her on whichever part of her anatomy you choose to thwock her on
Wish I could be there to see it
Question Author
Ahhhh yes! Who was it who said they would send me a coat stand? Damn!

Ooh a good old Pauline Fowler would be great! I might go buy a nice big Tefal one on lunch!
Ruby that was so funny, I have this vision now of you in the kitchen, just make sure the cctv isn't on when you widdle on the tetleys, I can't stop laughing at that, thank you, you have made my day xx
Only �2.99 from Asda - ask someone if they'll pick you one up in their lunch-hour.
I'd go myself but I'm waiting for the carpet man to call
-- answer removed --
Ruby - just look at that timing - don't great minds think alike?
Question Author
Ray - It made me laugh when I wrote it.... would have been handy if I had pmsl... could have done it on her Tetleys then.

Thanks Prophet... thats sweet... and I know you are right.... I will more than likely just blank her and give her the frosty shoulder... not cold... frosty... As Gabby said in Desperate Housewives the other week.. 'I want icicles hanging from that b!tches earlobes'! Lol

Mammar - They do indeed.. Lol.. I was thinking about Robert Dyas though... I am obviously a better class of person! Lol.. Joke xx

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Update of my 'situation'... (for Mccfluff)

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