why is the world so full of self concerned w***ers?????

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strangedays | 13:28 Fri 25th May 2007 | Body & Soul
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some people i know have new things goin on in their lives and are now too preoccupied with these new things that they are neglecting the responsibilities to the people who will always be there waiting for them, until that is the limit is pushed and they will lose these people! uuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! what is wrong with these people?????!!!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!


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I think strangedays has probably gone elsewhere for advice.
You think?????x
I think!!
Yep! Happy to help, that's me!! xx
I think we've all done a sterling job of helping strangedays out. I personally, would be over the moon at such A1 advice, had I asked for it.x
I agree. When people really pull together to help out, it restores my faith in human kindness. ;o)
so when do i get my ballons?
Maybe strangedays has gone to get them?
HaHa loved all you advice to strangedays, let just hope he takes it all on board.
I'm sitting in the corner with my thumb in my mouth and crouching in a foetal position.
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riht. . . . sorry it was a rant but here goes, somebody who is supposed to love a lot of people close to me is now favouring new people in his lifewho they have known for rougly a month or so, the situation is unnacceptable as people who do not realise what is going on are being hurt really badly, it is so frustrating wasn't really looking for an answer just for the person to read it an maybe realise.

and no i have not been bagged, i do not have a new puppy or a knife, am not selfish as this is for other people.


be happy
you were not looking for answers. on a q a site ! why not just use the telephone.
I hope it all gets sorted out for you, honestly xxx
Strangedays I hope you soon come to terms with this person's behaviour.

I for one am glad that you posted your non-Q on a Q&A site because this thread was the funniest thing I have seen on here in ages. Your rant has resulted in silly posts that have cheered up a proper moody old cow (me). See, you're not selfish, you have done someone a good turn without even realising it!

Thank yous all round to the other posters for making me laugh so much when I was feeling pretty miserable.

Strangedays, just let the other person get on with it and learn the hard way. We can't always control people's behaviour even when we know they are doing wrong. Those that are being hurt are learning that the person you have issues with cannot be relied upon. Better that they know that than put faith in someone who lets them down in my opinion.
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thank you aprilis!!!

and the rest of you less helpful but amusing little bunch

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why is the world so full of self concerned w***ers?????

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