Men, bra sizes? good at guessing????

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unruliejulie | 17:10 Tue 22nd May 2007 | Body & Soul
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Gentlemen of the AB, if you were to go out and buy your good lady wife or girlfriend a new bra, would you know what size she was or would it be a good guess? Also do you know what dress size she is or the colour of her eyes? How much attention do you really pay?


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I think its a brave man that buys his wife new clothing or underwear without knowing her sizes!
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well done pa___ul but size 6 OR 7!!! which one is it?????? lol
even if my bloke knew my size I would never trust him to get my underwear
my boyfreind years a go went in to a shop and showed the woman hes hand and said my boobs are this big . one good thing with him he could always buy me the right size stuff and very nice stuff it was to .
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I wouldnt have a clue about bra size, just big!!!!! MMMMMMM
No I don�t know my blokes size, it baffles me, we can have size 8, 10, 12 well a 4 for me lol. But a bloke has collar sizes, trousers length, width. Too much to remember.
And yes before you take the mick I know I�ve put on a bit of weight since my size 0 days last week. :-)
36B sometimes 12 sometimes14 shoes 5, eyes green

Blimey hope i got it right, or it is a clack round the ear
As I'm single at the mo i don't no the size.
But i was with some one and didn't no the size i ask the assistant and then point at women booobs and say about that size lol
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If im honest, i dont know trouser size of my husband but i know everytthing else!
He has never bought me underwear and i wouldn't want him too quite honestly :))) xxxxxxxxxxxx i think he knows my bra size although i wouldn't put money on it :)))) xxxxxxxxxxx
I know my wife's bra size, it's fcuking HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[email protected] ohn, Good for you!!!!!! :-)
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I only ever bought my wife clothes once, just after we were married, never, ever again, a lesson learnt.
Bra size - 36C.
Dress size - 16 for trousers or skirts, 18 for tops and dresses.
Eyes - green
Shoe size - 5
Ring size - J
D.O.B. 16.09.55.
Hates tomatoes.
Loves cheese.

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Men, bra sizes? good at guessing????

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