How much is 'average'?

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Rubyrose | 14:42 Sat 19th May 2007 | Body & Soul
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How much alcohol do you drink per week? What's the average Unit intake you are allowed? I drink on a Friday after work and a Saturday night... probably 4-5 glasses of wine average per night.. but those are large glasses! Is that too much?

I don't think.... THINK I drink to much but I am not feeling to great right now. My brain isn't funtioning! I am going to a wedding reception later too and then out into town again! I was dragged on a pub crawl with the lads from work last night! Not good when all you had was a salad for lunch!


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. i dont drink very much at all, only drink i do enjoy is baileys . but thats fating so dont have that . even when i do go out most of the time im driving so i dont drink at all . if im out for a meal i dont drink cos it puts me off my food god how boring do i sound !! wine makes me cry :(
I drink more than average, but then I go without for a week or two, if we all listened to the experts... what a dull life it would be!
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Sleepy - Vodka makes me depressed... well.. not depressed but I always feel more emotional when I drink it... Wine doesn't change my mood at all as I am always happy.. it just makes me p!ssed! I have started drinking spritzers now though as I don't get drunk as quickly and it makes the night seem calmer! Lol

Elvis - Thats a very good point! S0d the experts... lets get mashed!
We are told, for instance, that for women 14 units of alcohol a week is the recommended limit, and for men 21. Large (250ml) glass of wine - 3 units

Ive only got about 1.2 units left then........sod that it i'll use next

i like rum and coke . and some other drinks but i just dont bother drinking . i can live with out it , no problem , last time i had alcohol was about 2 months ago . i know a lot of people that have wine every night and cant live with out it .
rum n coke, copious amounts. I get through about 3 bottles per week. Long time dead I say. Cheers.
I've never been a drinker but I'd say if you can't remeber how you got home then you're drinking too much! :oP

have a few glasses of water between drinks whilst you're out if you think you're drinking too much.

I used to have one or three drinks then drink water for the rest of the night, that way I always knew I'd get home in one piece! These days I just don't drink (alcohol!)

I know I sound boring too but I don't need alcohol to have a great night out.
your a doc .................... you will live for ever . :)
lore your very right you dont need to be drunk to have a good night out . i have a good night out ...... not often :( but when i do i dont want to be drunk i dont enjoy being drunk , im only 35 god i sound like a old woman . even when i was yonger i never drunk .
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I don't need the alcohol either but I like getting drunk. I will only drink on a Friday and Saturday when I am out though. I don't drink at home and I only drink to get drunk. I don't drink it coz I like the taste... otherwise I'd just drink Malibu and Pineapple juice but it doesn't get me drunk and cost more over the night coz I need to drink more!
I normally drink until I am very merry and then start drinking water. I'm not a bad drunk! Now and then I will get caught out and have a light lunch, no dinner, get taken up the pub by the lads and end up getting too drunk!

Last night was prime example... We went out after work.. had a few, then went on to the next town, did a pub crawl... then as I am the only one who didn't live in that town, I got a cab home.. but I had to text them when I was home.. Bless. But they don't let me pay for drinks.. I hate it coz I feel bad but they literally tell me off and they wouldn't let me get up and go to the bar! They all said they earn more than me so I never have to pay! Nice.. but I do feel bad! So the whole night only cost me my �20 cab fare. So I went to town, met my sister and her mates.. and stayed out will 3am! Hence the hangover!

A woman at my work, drinks far too much! She said she saw this cheap wine she likes in Tesco's and it was on offer so she bought 20 bottles of it!!!!! And it was gone within 2 weeks and it was just her and her husband drinking it! She is bad!
ruby that great if they pay for it all . as you dont drink every night off the week . its not a problem i guess . your only young so make the most off it . not sure if you have kids . when you have kids life changes . enjoy x
ruby, may she have a problem rather than being bad ?
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No, no kids..Single and care free!

I do love my nights out with them... just wish they'd let me buy a round!
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I suppose! She can't drink during working hours, or at the pub at lunch coz we have an no alcohol policy! She will get fired but actually the policy was brought in because she used to get p!ssed on her lunch hour! Hmmmm
Ive just cheched what i drink in the week by units and its way other the top.I only go out 4 night a week some might say ONLY 4. Im not married so i can come and go as i please.I stay in the rest and dont drink at home. I do get tempeted to go out more as my mates are out every night. Even though my unit level is high i dont have a problem. I dont go out until 9 ish ok i do end up satying out late though. But if you did eveything u shouldnt life would be boring lol
I dont drink, I am not up in arms about ppl who drink ect, its all good whatever floats your boat!!!
I wouldn`t bother going out for the night if I wasn`t drinking, done it once was fooking boring, everyone else is laughing and joking etc

never again!
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How much over the top MrKA?

Elvis - It isn't as fun when everyone else is drinking.. I don't need the alcohol... I just want it...but it's great!
Well it added up too 64.4 ok it should be 21 but going off

Standard (175ml) glass of wine - 2 units
Large (250ml) glass of wine - 3 units
Pint of standard lager - 2.3 units
Pint of premium lager - 2.8 units
Pint of strong cider - 4.7 units

Standard lager 2.3 say 7 pints four times a week = 64.4 sounds a lot but if you your self added excatly ever thing you drank you would be surpised how it adds up.
Half a bottle of single malt every week, 2-3 pints of cider and say 2 bottles of red. Probably just above average but I don't have a red veiny nose just yet.

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