Dream holiday ????

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unruliejulie | 20:51 Fri 18th May 2007 | Body & Soul
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1, where in the world

2, who with

3, what sort of accomodation

4, how long


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1) A Dorset seaside village

2) Madeleine Stowe

3) A detached chalet bungalow with large bathroom and open fire.

4) For eternity.
1) Thailand


3) Something nice

5) At least 3 months

my wife and kids/ shania twain

tent on the beach

wife and kids 3 weeks/ shania twain a few years!!!
new york

my best shopping buddy miss unrulie

5* luxury hotel

about 2-3 weeks


Hessiers Lane

My favourite ABer (naturally we've already met)

A flat on New Addington estate

1 day will do


1) Thailand/Dubai

2) My boyfriend =]

3) Either 5* Hotel (and Spa) or A hut on the beach (Like the maldives)

4) 3 weeks
1) disneyland

2)My long sufferin partner n kids

3) rent a plush 5 bedroom house with pool

4) for everrrrrrr!!!!!! (echo)

1. stops in Iceland, Rome, New York and Las Vegas
2. Muffy
3. Something with a big fire
4. 5 full days in each!
Question Author
posy, book the tickets love im on the train over lol
Question Author
RB, you reckon your wife might get a bit pi$$y if Shania tags along????? lol
1, 20,000 leagues under the sea.

2, Anne Widdecombe.

3, A very large bell tent.

4, Average.

yaay!!! xXx
Hello Julie,

1 Mauritius

2 Mrs Sparx (cos shes looking over my shoulder)

3 Beach side hut

4 At least 3 months
1 Venice

2 Flavia de Olivera

3 Tent

4 Id be very long with her

Johnny Depp (boyfriend if he sees this)

Beach hut

3 Months xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1. Dorset ( I dont like flying)

2. Mr Puss

3.Caravan (top of the range)

4.2 weeks ( discussing how to spent my massive lottery win)

pingus wife


77 days

1. Prague
2. Johnny Depp (after Carla has done with him)
3. Wig wam
4. Ever
After Carla has done with him...he may have nothing left to give you Hellie...he may be all Depped out

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Dream holiday ????

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