what kind of day was it?

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unruliejulie | 20:23 Tue 15th May 2007 | Body & Soul
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I have had a fantastic day today! :-) I got to spend a few hours all by myself doing stuff i wanted to do, sounds so simple and it is but it was oh so good! I guess its the little things in life that make us happy! What little things make you happy? How was yours? Did it go well, or was it a bit of a disaster from the moment you got out of bed????


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Hello julie, long time no speak, so glad you had such a lovely day, you deserve it, seeing the people I care for happy, makes me happy, know what I mean ? take care and keep smiling , speak soon, I hope. xx
hey julie , i took the day off work sick so not a great start , but then i had yummy black pudding so that was nice and i got a date for friday so am happy ish at the moment x
Hi julie , had a good day once I got over my disturbing nightmare !!! :-)
I have had a very good day. Went to Ikea this morning and had breakfast for 95p....can you believe that...95p

Then I had a visit from a hansome man called Dave.
Hiya Julie glad you had a good day!
Mine was crap thought i was having the night in tonight all by myself as Mr CP had made arrangements to go out and stay at his friends, then they cancelled it Grrrrrr stuck with him all night now, well hes been banished to another room to watch his DVD's for the whole evening - and there he shall remain until i say different! : )
I love IKEA ummmm , went to the one near exeter and the one near nottigham , will try the leeds one next .
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ummmm, dave you say?????

bigmamma, lets hope theres no more nightmares tonight!

CPbloody men, they always spoil ur plans!
Hi all

Ive had a great day i was... UP.... early today .

And ummmm did you enjoy it.

I was a yummy mummy today!! Number two son and I baked bread and made cakes (and I even washed up afterwards...) Later on I helped him make a lego fire truck with weapons - always necessary on his trucks. I love days when he and I potter about together, I think he loves it too, and number one son loves it when we meet him from school with yummy things we've made. Mr nutgone had Thai green curry for tea which I made from scratch, so all in all, we're all happy here!!

Tomorrow of course, I'll be impatient again, ignoring everyone and giving them frozen pizza, but hey...
Yes I did
Hi Jules, glad you had such a good day, mine went ok too, nothing majorly exciting but it didn't need to be, like you said, it's the little things! xxx
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it truly is hellibobs! :-)
Jules, I love ya but can you try and remember to put the 'e' in my name hun? ;)
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oh helliEbobs, so sorry! lol. please forgive me, ive had such a good day, its all gone to my head lol
Hi julie, how you doing? long time no hear from you, have you been avoiding this merry bunch of ABers?
Just got back from Kickboxing practice, I got my orange belt (bl00dy hell it was hard work) a week last Sunday, I've spent most of today online for my course (+ being on AB but dont tell my mentor) researching so it was good to work up a sweat. Now I'm chillin with a drop of dry white wine.
I had a lovely lunch in a nice pub today and got lots of work done thereafter, nothing exciting but i have had worse days :)))))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Julie, nice to hear you had a good day :o)

Mine wasn't so great! Woke up to husband calling me in bed to tell me the fridge freezer had broken and that's what that funny noise we kept hearing last night must have been! So had to try to find (before work) a new fridge online that will deliver in the next few days.
Got to work and the boiler had broken down so I had no hot water, which is hard going when I am a cook and then the light fitting in the dry store has broken and won't be fixed till half term, so I have to feel my way around all the tins till then!
I'd swear it was Monday if I didn't know it was Tuesday! lol

Ahhh well.....
Thanks Jules, I can stop being such a pedant now ;)

On way??????????
when did that happen?
Oh my lord, I'm in so much trouble!!!!!!!!!

Anyone know a good Barrister?
should be NO way
ffs johnlambert get a grip

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