Online sleazey women.

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legend759 | 17:56 Fri 11th May 2007 | Body & Soul
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SOMEONE ONLINE GETTING CLOSE TO YOUR PARTNER.wHAT WOULD YOU DO?do you calmly wait untill they get bored?Or are you the type of person who slowly gets worked up one day then snaps?Or is it easier just ot laugh at the person to show how pathetic they are.IF THEY CANT GET/KEEP THEIR OWN PARTNER?


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Are you talking about MrK and ummm legend?
Keep me out of it lol
are you on about anyone specifically? spill the goss legend!!
Sorry MrK, I'm a bit puzzled by Legend's question! Do you think you could be a bit more specific Legend?
sleazey women got redhead written all over it. lol :-)
is it because she keeps coming onto ken dodd and his wife isnt happy about it??
Its ok Skreech no problem. Id just take it as a laugh as its just pixel Sh1t ,But if it is getting 2 u talk to your partner.

I thought mrk and redhead had a thing?
errrrrrrrrr NO
she's a bunny boiler
I'm not sure whether this is a genuine question or a post designed to get at two particular people?

Oh I'm so cynical!
What's a bunny boiler? That sounds quite sinister 4get!
quick lets all jump to conclusions!!!!!!!!

sorry MrK I did jump to one
Question Author
oh its genuine enough.there is an adendum.addd on i mean.what if your mann was a serial sleaze.and this sort of thing happened a year ago?would you still believe the sleazey women were to blame?or is it just possible hes a low down dirty rotten slaze whod go with anyone and cybered half of the inernet???where would you stand then ladies???
its ok i was matched to half of ab last night. lol
Where would I stand?

On his balls would be my 1st choice, closely followed by his head.
Question Author
would you have the patience of a saint or would you se him for what he is?
Question Author
So you saying theres no smoke without fire boo???
I wouldnt live with it, its a trust thing.
Question Author
I know its enough to give you a headache.At the very least .lol

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Online sleazey women.

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