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Reverandfunk | 15:17 Thu 03rd May 2007 | Body & Soul
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Losing the will to live lol

If you were a Super Hero what costume would you wear? Please pay attention to detail....


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Natalia Fangelini...

Hair would be left down to blow in the wind but with a band around the hair like this one..and back combed all funky with pink highlights!! and.jpg

I'd wear a costume like this... (option to remove undersweater depending on the season...) it.jpg

With rollar blades... -Hearts-pink_rose.jpg

hot $hit i tell thee.... (not literally...)
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I think mine would have to incorporate:

Some spandex
Be predominantly silver
Some quality boots maybe of the platform variety
A partial face mask so people could guess my real identity

Just off to the shops to buy a life...
Layers is key for me seeing as I'm controlling the weather. So my costume would consist of:-

- My new, super-sexy-fantastic Animal bikini
- a fitted white cotton shirt with 3/4 sleeves which covers my bum
- thermal leggings
- skiing socks
- a pure wool Argyll sweater
- Sallapettes
- a quilted anorak
- a scarf
- thermal gloves
- Snow boots
- bobble hat
- ear muffs
- an umbrella
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Champers yr boots must have wheels in them or yr umbrella must fire molten lava etc etc lol
Assuming I also had the figure of a superhero and could get away with wearing lycra.... Then I would wear a black catsuit with a turquoise cape and a black eye mask. I would have my turquoise and silver and black logo on my chest... Logo yet to be decided though.
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Ruby - Think u'd best get busy using clipart lol
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I don't even know what kind of Superhero I am yet! God! So little time and so much to do.. and I still need to photo copy that book!
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Then there will be your theme music and where do you actually change into your costume. Is it under your everday workwear, do you slide down the batpole etc etc
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Good, hardy wellington boots, waterproof mac, denim dungaries, checked shirt, I'd come across a bit like this. ssets/subsection_pics/35_5184.jpg

My noble steed would be battle combine harvester, combine cringer to those who don't know of our super hero status.
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as i'm fluff badger the shape shifter i don't need a costume as my clothes change with me ..... i walk amongst you incognito ( the white strip in my hair might just might give it away though)
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And I thought you were just good ole Dickie Davis....
Mighty mouse

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