whats the best way for you?

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unruliejulie | 19:10 Mon 30th Apr 2007 | Body & Soul
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when you're feeling a little bit down, what's the thing that cheers you up the most? a chat with a good friend, a hug, a smile from your kid, a joke? what does it for you?


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watching Just Shoot Me on Chanel 4 in the mornings...its hilarious
lee evans or ken dodd dvd makes me laugh also being in the company of dogs or being with friends
listening to music helps me cheer up,
even better watching my fav music vids on youtube
Being banned from AB, cheers me up no end.
Sounds silly and I don't know why but watching "Friends" always makes me feel better about things, especially when I am going through one of my anxious moments.
Just as well for me that E4 is always showing it lol
Snuggling up to the man I love usually cheers me up most. He just makes me feel safe and so loved and that always works for me! :o)
Telling jokes in the pub works for me.
hi julie i like to watch graham norton always make me laugh
I love watching friends, I dont care how many times I have seen them before!!!
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I find a chat with a good friend always cheers me up and makes me smile! :-) then again, if my little boy says something sweet or funny as he does so often then that gets me right in the heart, then again a hug, now that does the trick! I never said you had to pick just one!!!! lol did i?????
A kiss and a cuddle with Mr Spudqueen usually cheers me up.
it cheers me up when i see my kids in bed asleep.............. i think thank god for that peace at last lol
Hi sweetheart here is a big big hug, and a kiss from me,
Hope you are keeping OK. lots of love megan. xxx
cazzzzzzzzzzz I assume you mean the TV show??? Or do you just sit at a bar table and watch your mates without speaking, going Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I love my friends.
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awww Megan, now thats the sort of thing that cheers me right up! The same is returned to you! XX
Thank you julie, love to your family to, take care megan. xxxx
Good weather
Listening to music
And if I had to pick a show, Scrubs, atm
Reading this thread has cheered me up , and yes I agree , a hug does it every time x :-)
"cazzzzzzzzzzz I assume you mean the TV show??? Or do you just sit at a bar table and watch your mates without speaking, going Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I love my friends."

lol at Wardy. ^^^^^^^^^^^

coming on here cheers me up, big hugs to you jules
hope you feel better. xxx :-)

someone please answer me this, why when i post something i see it displayed in my profile but it's not showing in the thread? does it mean i'm banned?
did someone ban me? never been banned before.

A hug from (one day to be) Mr shineybomb always cheers me up and usually a few tears too

Friends TV show is my favourite and always helps

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