30 yo man's regime

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Bruizedapple | 10:22 Thu 26th Apr 2007 | Body & Soul
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Just stuck this in beauty, but maybe its wider?

In terms of your 'beauty' regime boys - what do you do to preserve your good looks? Come on fess up!

Is it just soap and water? moisturiser, fake tan, exfoliate? odd bit of concealer, sun beds?

I've got a big bag full of stuff - but I only use it to conceal hangovers, honest :)


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Absolutely nothing except for wash my face at night. And I do it with the handwash that I have - I'm not even sure that you're supposed to do your face with that
Shower gel, shaving foam,aftershave cream,aftershave..done!!!

why?..because I`m worth it
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Hmm - so you're not falling for the metrosexual way then?
with all the primping and preening and plucking etc?

So who does then? Someone must think it's worthwhile to market moisturiser with a hint of tan to straight blokes! (although to be fair I think they call it anti-fatigue stuff)
Further to this, my complete list of tolietries etc is as follows

Shampoo (whatever is BOGOF at Tesco)
Shower Gel (Whatever is BOGOF at Tesco)
Shaving Foam
Deoderant (BOGOF again).
Handwash Soap
Hair Shaper - VO5 - The only thing I'm picky about.

I don't own

Fake Tan
Bubble bath
Beard/nose/ear trimmers

There must be loads more

Apart from basic soap and water, i exfoliate, moisturise, go on a sunbed, wax my chest and eyebrows and take care of the rest of my "body" hair. Before I get branded a woofter, I would say that the majority of women prefer it

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30 yo man's regime

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