are there a lot of people banned?

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Agent_Smith | 22:51 Sun 22nd Apr 2007 | Body & Soul
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i have noticed a lot of names in green that look like previous users?? and i can get in with my real name, and doing a search i have found all my answers have gone aswell??


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I had to sign in via welcome message, I lost the message and there is no ed's in til monday so I had to start again

is it cos I is green?!
she will have her work cut out on Monday
ive booted off for chatting
Had to use another name
It's prob the monks in the monastery fiddling with the knobs again A_S x
I can't sign in so had to re-register .... who banned me? :(
my 15 other brothers cant use their curlyfilm names either,


nevrmind i quite like the green, it suits me!
.....and I've just found the evidence...... Ed really should tell them to keep their children under control when she's not

lol, but i thought that was the technical team!!!
not another alias - only the innocent are allowed in here it would seem !!!!!!!! lol !!!!!!!!!!!
Hiya curly....... x........nope that's the day shift...... lol
i'm always innocent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peanuts and monkeys maybe redbez!!!!!!!! lol
Hi Agent, RB, i think theres just been some technical glitch cause when i was banned, i hadnt even been on here. I hate the fact that all my previous answers and quetions have gone!!! ed has some work to do this morning to restore us all to our rightful names!!!!!!
yes, im back!!!!!!!!!!! i feel much more like myself again now!
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RB's not back yet???? :�((
RB, have you had an e mail fro the tech team? If not, mail themand tell them all your answers have vanished from your profile and you cant use your username. They sent me an e mail and i had to click on the link to validate my account, just like when you first register. Come on, we want rugeleyboy back!

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are there a lot of people banned?

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