Harry Ramsdens!! the famous chip shop!!

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Agent_Smith | 22:41 Sun 22nd Apr 2007 | Body & Soul
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went to one today and had cod and chips!! out came my chips with black bits ingrown in them and my fish was the size of a goldfish??

at �6.99 i can see why they are world famous???

*rant over*


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its all about the labels!!!, you just wanted to brag about your designer chips ;)
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but i never mentioned my shopping trip to primark befor did i?? :�)
imagen what you could of bought from primark for �6.99
4 Coats
5 dresses
2 pairs shoes
and �4.99 change
pffft thats nothin, I can get a weeks shopping for a fiver at lidl
pfft..I can get a months shopping at Nettos for a fiver
pffft, netto is full of chavs, poundland is class, I can buy a complete wardrobe at sports world for a tenner
Netto is not full of chavs, it`s full of turks,kosovans and poles actually
Harry Ramsdens........overpriced, over rated.
This has just reminded me of the time my mother in law was watching Hells Kitchen and said "Who is he to tell people they are rubbish cooks? His chips are horrible!" I didn't have the heart to tell her that Gordon Ramsey and Harry Ramsden were two different people!lol.x
harry ramesden was a enigma, but now it sells triangular fish?

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Harry Ramsdens!! the famous chip shop!!

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