lucky charms!

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Agent_Smith | 22:34 Sun 22nd Apr 2007 | Body & Soul
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If they are so lucky why are they trying to sell them!!!

silly pikeys!!!


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They just want to share what they have too much of .... is that a bad thing?
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they should give them away then!
I once had a rabbits foot!! try telling the rabbit how lucky he was!!
in the car the other day i spotted a euro in the dashboard, i asked my husband what it was doing there and he said it was his lucky euro! WTF????lol i asked him what made it lucky and he couldn't answer. cant say Ive noticed our luck being on the up but hey, if it makes him feel better, silly man!
But jules, who knows what might have happened if you didn't have that euro!!!!

I think its a load of codswallop as well!!!
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my point exactly!! its all a load of toss!!!

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lucky charms!

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