dental charges

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insurance | 17:51 Sun 08th Apr 2007 | Body & Soul
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when you reach 60 you do not have to pay for it right dental fees are free on nhs after age 60 ?


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Only if you live in Wales (check up only) or are a prisoner, or getting the guarantee credit of pension credit.

If you get Working Tax Credit and on the poverty line - you may also be entitled.

Otherwise - no.

Now that exhorbitant charges are being made for dental treatment many families are being put off visiting the dentist. A decayed set of molars is not too much a hardship for the elderly population but you could have nightmares thinking about future generations with their toothless smiles.
Yes generally people get several dental problem. The affordable dental plans help them to get proper dental treatment so that they could get good dental condition. They can get good discount on regular checkups, root canal treatment and surgery etc. Get more details on:-

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dental charges

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