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Champagne | 09:57 Thu 22nd Mar 2007 | Body & Soul
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Well after my doppleganger post yesterday, I went out to a pub last night to meet up with a friend who I haven't seen for 12 years, and who was sitting in the pub with his mate? Yup... my EX!!

Do you believe in fate? Do you think that this may have been my comeuppance for 'accidentally' dropping that 8-hole punch into the groin of his doppleganger yesterday?


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I think its caled "Karma" champers old girl, remember, everything you do will return and bite you in the 4rse lol
why do so many people hate their exes on here so much. You must have liked them at some point. I'm mates with all my exes, not great mates but I still speak to them. I think it must be Karma as john said
Maybe it was a sign that you should punch him in the face instead!
I don't think it's Karma in these parts we call it STALKING time to get a restraining order Champers ol' gal! lol
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I spoke to him 4get. He bought me 2 drinks and then invited me out with him and his mates for a curry. I don't hate him. I just think he deserves to be in pain. There's a difference.
If he deserves the pain let him have it, Champers.

This may well be the signal you need to create some..
What you have is a mild case of apophenia. Nothing to really worry about and it is easily cured with a lie down in a dark room with a large tub of H�agen-Dazs, some tissues, and a few episodes of The Russ Abbott Show on the TV.

Oh, what an atmosphere.
ha ha champagne. So you want to punch him in the face but after you've been nice enough to him to get a drink :-) I like your moves :-)
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It's a tangled web we weave...

He deserves everything for stealing my Russ Abbott Special Edition DVD collection. I'll learn 'im.

And my apophenia is slightly distorted with my keratoconus, Octavius. Everything ends up resembling sexual objects for some reason. Or maybe it's just me.
You are a sex object?
There are plenty on here that are Octi, I often say look what that ( blankety - blank ) has written.
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Well I certainly get treated like one!
ok, remove the ? from my post.
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And because of you I can't stop singing that damn tune!!

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