Where else would you rather be....

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Bruizedapple | 11:02 Tue 13th Mar 2007 | Body & Soul
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than at work today??????????

It seems like a really nice day out, and I'm stuck in the office making sure the good city of Leeds ticks over.




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at a big funfair
Well i'm working but i'm not in the office. Working at home today and it isn't going very well at the moment cos it's so nice out! May have to take a break until about 5ish lol.
I'm always bored - have to go into a meeting soon though - nooooooooo!!!!

I'd rather be literally across the road and sat in Regents Park eating a baguette and listening to the radio with my friends and boyfriend :o(
i'd rather be out with my bf doing something fun like horseriding, quad biking or mountain biking.
I get to work at 8 do nothing until about 3 and then get to go home!!! as you can tell i just log onto this site!

Its to warm to be inside lets all go down to the pub and get drunk in the sun!
melons if you can sweet talk my manager in to letting me disappear for the afternoon then i'll get the first round in!
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If you write my report for me I'll get the second
I'll get the third if you tell me which pub!!
Too warm..??? I'm sure the sun has lost its way to Newcastle. I'd rather be chilling today, listening to music, doing the crossword, reading the paper, that sort of thing. Worked the weekend, had a hectic night Sunday, went for a couple of drinks with a friend who I haven't seen in ages last night and so just want to relax as I'm absolutely knackered.
thedelbwa - sounds like you are chilling!! No sun in Newcastle then!
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Everyone to Leeds, we can go to Reclaim!
ok ok one at a time, firstly mini N you boss said yeah sure go ahead fill your boots enjoy the afternoon!
Bruized apple it take sme to turn on my computer in the morning so im sure your report would take me forever and it would be winter before i got to that pub and as for which pub any would be better than sat at work!
now melon, you wouldnt be telling me porkies would you?
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Melons - what have you got, a commodore 64 or summat?
MiniN i would lie......... ok i would....... just think though you could just leave get drunk and deal with the problem of err getting sacked tomorrow! hate to tell you all i have just been told i can leave at 2pm!!!!

any one going to run to the loo and pretend they feel awful???

vodkaaaa,beeerrrr see its calling......
I'd like to be on a rowing boat on the River Thames.

The river is a stone's throw from the office so maybe I could pursuade my boss to skive off with me! I'll grab a couple of sandwiches and a lovely chilled bottle of white wine and 2 plastic glasses. Then we'll hire a little rowing boat for a couple of hours and get tipsy on the Thames.

It's alright for me though. I live locally. He'd have to drive back to London afterwards!
I did think that efc after I'd posted! Anyway, will be able to chill in about 5hrs 10 minutes - not that I'm clock-watching or anything!! BTW, I'm a blue too efc!!
thedelbwa - Nice to hear there's at least two of us. I've given up on work for the day!
Wish I could do the same, although boss out till 2, only one in the office, so while the cat's away...

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