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Baby Jane | 17:29 Fri 09th Mar 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hi folk
Does any one know where I can buy Calosol for hair loss. Or recommend any thing for slight alopecia (did I spell that right?) thanks


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sorry dont know where to buy it, but i tried it years ago, still bald as a coot, ..
Dont know about calosol, but nettle soup or tea is supposed to be good for hair loss. If you go to that well known health food shop the staff their are very knowledgable and will advise you on what to get.
Good luck
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250450 -Thanks, you saved me time and money. Rosie2- I know which shop you mean I will pop in today ,thanks for your help.
pcwork. that is a great link , may be the old remedies are best. I will certainly try them.

much obliged

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